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When it comes to music, a guitar is the most popular musical instrument these days, especially among the youngsters because of the melody that it induces and the way it mesmerises the listeners. Accessories like capo and plectrum are mandatory and they are even more mesmerising when they comply with your style.


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We all like our musical instruments like anything and when you have a guitar, like for the instrument turns into love. If you own a guitar, you'd know what the accessories mean for a music lover guitarist (especially coz it adds up to form the vibe). This section helps you get all the accessories for your guitar like a capo, string, plectrum, etc. with a one-stop shopping point and pair them up with your music (and of course your guitar). One can never be wrong in saying that one’s things (accessories) must go hand in hand with one’s style and when you play, you must not compromise upon these small add-ons as they might seem small but they leave an impact worth caring and paying attention to. Get plectrum from our range to add a tinge of your essence to your guitar and meanwhile improve your music as well. You like plain plectrum?? We have it !! You like colored plectrum ?? We have it !! You want some other accessory ?? Just scroll and find the beautiful ways of accessorizing your guitar.

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