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Wardrobe Upgrade: Enough With The Bland Hoodies

posted by kraftly February 1, 2016 0 comments

If you don’t like wearing a sweater over your shirt everyday in the winters, chances are your staple during the cold months is the hoodie, or the pullover. And it’s a very versatile piece of clothing – it goes exceptionally well with any pair of casual jeans or even your track pants or pyjamas – while still being so comfortable that you can wear it all day long, literally!

You can put on a hoodie at just about any time – when you’re out to meet friends, or going about with your daily errands, or even when you’re off to work. Just wear a round-neck or even a long-line tee-shirt underneath your hoodie and you’re good to go!

This season, we’re looking at snugly fitting hoodies – baggy and out-of-shape pullovers are passe! Check out these must-have hoodies from our store to help you get through the winters in style.


Get this light-grey pure cotton hoodie to keep yourself warm as you curl up in your bed and watch a rerun of the Big Bang Theory.

hoodies 1


For all the old-school anime fans out there, check out all these Dragon Ball Z hoodies from our store. You can’t pick just one! (There are tons of other cartoons in our store too.

hoodies 2


Makes us think – Our winters aren’t so bad!

hoodies 3


For the rough-and-tough superhero-crazy guy, here’s a hoodie that’s best for light-winters.
Style Tip: This hoodie can be used as a front-open sleeveless jacket too.

Hoodies 4


Music is my life, the DJ is my friend… Did I get that right?

Hoodies 5


Look me in the beard when I’m talking to you.

Hoodies 6


Just a plain Superman hoodie. Without the blues, if you know what we mean!

Hoodies 7


You never know which cool design might catch your eye, right?

hoodies 8


You can pair your hoodie with different kinds of footwear – a cool pair of sneakers, or a pair of tough boots or even your floaters if you’re just going somewhere nearby. If you prefer wearing your hoodie when you are exercising or working-out in the gym, don’t fret – hoodies are a perfect match with sports shoes too.

No matter which hoodie suits your style, one thing’s for sure – a great hoodie will be with you throughout the winters, and you’ll be depending on it almost every other day!

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