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Traditional Wedding Jewellery You Just Can’t Miss! 

posted by Radhika Chugh November 5, 2016 0 comments
Traditional Wedding Jewellery

It is the Wedding time of the year again, when people are going absolutely insane in preparing for weddings, and all the banquet halls and destination wedding venues are booked. My cousin sister herself is getting married this December, and the whole family has been going crazy trying to find the perfect outfit and right accessories for all the events. Personally, I don’t particularly enjoy shopping, but when it comes to meeting hundreds of people on a single day, you definitely want to look your best. And so, the shopping streak begins. And the other day, my bride-to-be sister and I went out Jewellery shopping, where I had this realisation that I love Traditional Wedding Jewellery.

I feel that traditional wedding jewellery gives a sense of classiness unlike any other and takes us back to our roots. It is one type of jewellery which looks good with all types of Indian ethnic Wedding clothing. We genuinely tried it on with every outfit of hers, and it worked. We picked up two pairs of these, and we could not have been happier. Upon further research, I came up with this list of Jewellery made by talented Indian artisans, and are being made for generations now. And matter of factly speaking, they will go with every outfit this wedding season. So, here we go.

Tribal Jewellery

Just as the name suggests, this enchanting jewellery is one of a kind, which has been preserved by tribal communities for decades. Mostly made of earthy materials like wood, clay, shells, bone and crude metal, Tribal Jewellery has its very own rustic charm. Now Tribal Jewellery has been adopted by people from all over the world. It adds a dash of earthiness to your outfit and brings out the conventional traditionality. Read more about Tribal Jewellery here.

Traditional Wedding Jewellery Traditional Wedding Jewellery Traditional Wedding Jewellery

Temple Jewellery

Born somewhere around the 9th century, Temple jewellery has an exquisiteness and intricacy which is valued till date. Crafted by skilled jewellers and craftsmen, this kind of jewellery is so unique that it requires a certain finesse in its making (Read more about it here). Temple Jewellery has a lot of significance in the lifestyles of women in South India, specifically as traditional wedding jewellery. Now, it is slowly gaining popularity in North India as well. Have a look at this beautiful collection of fine temple jewellery.

Traditional Wedding Jewellery Traditional Wedding Jewellery Traditional Wedding Jewellery

Kundan Jewellery

Known to have stemmed from the ancient kingdoms of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Kundan Jewellery is one of the most regal and mesmerising art forms out there today. It is also known as Bikaneri or Jaipuri, and is known to have flourished during the Mughal era back in the 16th century. The making of Kundan Jewellery involves months of tireless efforts by skilled artisans (Read more about the process of making Kundan Jewellery here). It is one type of jewellery which will compliment every look and can leave a captivating effect on people. For me, it is the perfect form of Traditional Wedding Jewellery.

Traditional Wedding Jewellery Traditional Wedding Jewellery Traditional Wedding Jewellery

Coin Jewellery

Coins have been an integral part of basic human civilisation, and somewhere in the early 16th century, coin jewellery flourished. One of the easiest to carry types of jewellery, it has the traditional yet contemporary feel to it (Read more about it here). Not only does Coin Jewellery work well with Indo-western casual outfits, but it looks marvellous with all sort of ethnic outfits as well. It has its own bohemian appeal. Coin Jewellery is a result of true craftsmanship, and I personally am obsessed with this kind in particular.

Tradition Wedding Jewellery Tradition Wedding Jewellery Tradition Wedding Jewellery

Traditional Wedding Jewellery takes us back to our very roots and is indeed incredibly captivating. This wedding season, try something different. Make a statement with these mesmerising jewellery art forms and and be uniquely yourself with Krafltly, Uniquely yours!

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