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This Women’s Day, Kraftly Salutes all the Female Entrepreneurs!

posted by Ishita Kapoor March 7, 2017 0 comments

Growing up as a woman in this patriarchal society is a tough job. But women today are breaking stereotypes. Hard as rock, women are taking control over their lives. Setting examples for all of us, they are making history.

Well, whether you are a man or woman, girl or guy, you are awesome, really! All genders offer much to the society. They have great skills and together they rock it! But we ‘owe’ women a lot! They nurture and create life, keep families together, are amazing at multi-tasking, bleed 6 days in a month and not die!
Got your reason why women are awesome? There are a lot more though!

And here’s a shout out to the women across the world. Kraftly celebrates and salutes women everywhere! Everyday is Women’s Day and every Woman is a Superhero! Here’s to your Womanhood, to your undying spirit, and to your ability to break stereotypes. There are many ways to celebrate Women’s Day, but all of them target the same idea: Raising awareness about the struggles of women and honour what they have done for us!

To the Women around the world inspiring futures, had men been capable of giving birth to children, raising them like a woman does, managing office and home together, we would give them a shout out too!
As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we also want to bring our grand celebrations to you.

Today on Women’s Day, Kraftly wishes to acknowledge the dedication of women. We wish to feature our Women Sellers. Take a moment to honour these amazing women who’ve made a difference not just for their family but to your life as well, bringing to you their amazing collection of Fashion.

Ladies, it’s time that you embrace the inner Super Woman in you. And for all the men reading this, take a look at what message our Women Sellers have for you and how they are supporting Kraftly’s campaign ‘Be Bold for Change’.

1. Stoned Accessories by Sameeksha Khanna

2. BabyMoshai by Varsha Jain

3. The Dressing Room by Rajvi Shah



4. Jhalli by Pria Sethi

5. Whispering Yarns by Sanaa Sharma

6. Pics And You by Shivi Sharma


7. Inspirasia Decor by Neelu Juneja


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