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Stupid Intelligent: A Will That’s Unbent and Unbroken

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 2, 2017 0 comments

A woman is more than what dictionary defines her or what the world assumes her to be. A woman is the epitome of love, the tree of sacrifice, a force to care unconditionally and bestowed with the divine ability to nurture life. Through centuries women have been proving themselves, no, not as superior to men, but as warriors, as fighters and as everything else the world can only admire in awe. And in any sense women doesn’t have to prove themselves, again and again, of their existence and strengths, it has always been a question of acceptance!

Kraftly’s women’s sellers and their stories are something that needs to be heard. Especially when they break the stereotypical chain that the whole business world can be run only by men. Meghna Gupta, the founder of Stupid Intelligent is one such lady. Raised in Bihar, Meghna did her Civil Engineering from Ramya college, Bangalore. Moved to a new city, Hyderabad, where she worked for 2 years as a Brand Manager. She then quit her job and did Advertising from MICA. Now at 32, Meghna is an entrepreneur based in Noida, a wife, a mother and a woman of zeal and discipline.


While she has always remained grounded Meghna was clear on what she wants, fought for gender equality and never allowed anyone to clip her wings. She’s a blend of and the ass-kicking feminist. She shares how she would switch between behavioural transactions of becoming all classy on client meetings and also spoke in the language of a vendor when it came to negotiating with them. Meghna wasn’t among the crowd who would bear injustice, she would fight back when required. Now as a married woman she juggles between family and work but makes sure that none suffers. Though family, friends and teammates had always been supportive, at the end it’s you and the decisions you took.


In a world full of anxieties, humour and sarcasm are the getaway cars. Talking about Stupid Intelligent, Meghna was inspired by Rajat’s ‘Happily Unmarried’, who was her senior at MICA. She took inspiration the right way, using light humour and sarcasm to put across quirky products yet retaining the essence of originality, by taking on the satire of life. From fancy vibrant coasters to witty fridge magnets to desi shot glass to creative ashtrays, man if you’re looking for something to gift or for your home, Stupid Intelligent might be the one stop destination to satiate that.


The success of Stupid Intelligent wasn’t served to Meghna on a plate. She had to work from the scratch of building a brand identity to creating an audience for it. These were some of the challenges she confronted before collaborating with Kraftly. Now after the collaboration, She’s in a more comfortable position as Kraftly takes care of it while she works for 3-4 hours for her brand on a daily basis. Currently, Meghna is getting a good number of orders from Kraftly but all this wasn’t built within a day neither by idling away at home nor without sacrifices, she shares.

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