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Must have outfits for Teej

posted by Nikhil Chowdhary July 27, 2016 0 comments

The festival of Teej is celebrated during the saavan season (monsoon months) of the year. The main objective of this festival is to mark the strong bond of a lasting marriage. This festival mostly involves a wife who fasts for the sake of a healthy marriage till the big day when she is showered with gifts and affection for her sacrifice. A day so special definitely demands a special look or your best look for that matter. So let’s explore some must have outfits for Teej.

Georgette suit

Try out a beautiful Pakistani georgette suit with detailed embroidery that will make her ecstatic. A special occasion like Teej demands a simple and special outfit like the one shown below.

teej salwar kameez

Designer saree

Getting yourself a designer saree for this special day could be one of the best things you could do. A saree is the most appropriate, special and elegant clothing item you could get for this occasion. Make sure it’s a one of your best and priciest sarees with detailed embroidery work on it. Something like this.

teej gifts for wife saree


Indulge in a gorgeous lehenga for this occasion that will bring out your beauty and leave people mesmerized and enchanted. Lehenga’s are the best formal attire that will make this occasion feel unique.

Teej lehenga


This one’s a no brainer! Invest in an Anarkali that will drop jaws with its captivating elegance. Anarkali’s are mostly meant for formal affairs but can be worn semi-formally as well. Be sure to get a nice one made of a beautiful fabric and detailed prints that really make it unique for Teej. And trust us, Anarkali’s look good on everyone!



If you’re looking for the perfect mix of ethnic and modern styles, you should definitely give plazzos a try. This unique stand out style has an identity of its own and looks extremely captivating. Give your traditional look a modern touch.


We hope you loved the above mentioned Teej outfits. Do tell us what you think of them in the comments section below. Your insights mean a lot to us!

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