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Material Immaterial Studio- Exploring Bare Beauty Of Materials

posted by Imtimenla Jamir January 16, 2017 0 comments
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Nothing comes free of cost or at the time you want it. There is no short route to success, you have to work hard to realize your dreams. But before putting all that effort, you should know what you want to be, what will keep your awake at 3 a.m in the morning without crumbling and what tickles that nerve in you. The movie Fight Club has a lot of thought-provoking dialogues but this one’s my favorite by Chuck Palahniuk,” if you don’t know what you want, you end up with a lot you don’t”. And if you have someone as crazy and passionate as you, who shares your vision, and if you decide to embark on a professional journey together, then you are amongst the few lucky ones on this earth because it is not every day that you meet people with the same ideology, love for art and the passion for creating something out of it. Kraftly’s Seller of the week shares a similar story.
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Art, minimalist, detail, design and unconventional are the attributes that come to my mind when I talk about Material Immaterial studio, the brainchild of Nitin Barchha & Disney Davis, both qualified architects and in practice for about a decade now. Over the years, they have been keen on experimenting with their works and is striving to achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality. And if you look at their work you’ll know, that they mean serious business with art and everything they create. The one thing that roots Nitin and Disney deeply into each other is their undying love for product design, their passion for creating, to design and manufacture everything from the scratch which involves paying attention to minute details and that is how they went out forming Material Immaterial Studio. “As Designer’s we are essentially minimalists and our designs do not offer any utopian prescriptions, rather the approach has always been of what to leave out, rather than what to put in. This reduction process is what takes one through a mirror, emerging out on the other side to discover richness, like in the subtle differences between five shades of gray or in different textures of concrete. Through our work the studio strives to challenge the purpose of material and let design be at the helm of things”, they add.

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Material Immaterial Studio offers eccentric cuff links and earrings for its audience. The product name seem generic? So what drew us to feature them in our handpicked seller of the week post! Only when you scroll through their selected number of products will you know that every piece has something unique to offer. They are all minimalistic in unison but each product is so uniquely distinctive from the other in its core design, in concept and approach. Each product signifies the amount of detailed work it went through and the intriguing design leaves you aloof yet wanting for more. Everything said, but what really sets them apart is their insights and ideas,” like the store name suggests ‘Material is Immaterial’ to us” they say. They have this firm belief that it is the ideas that play the most prominent role and that need to be portrayed, maybe in the form of materials by using it as a form of expression. Their various experimentations have led them to work with concrete, wood, metal stone and paper mache as their medium for expression.

seller story

Like most Entrepreneurs, Nitin and Disney chose the digital platform for their products as it has global reach, consumer friendly, and time zone efficient. And while they were on the lookout for a platform for such reach, some friends recommended kraftly emphasizing its presence on social media. That’s how they boarded Kraftly’s boat and sharing their experience as a seller with Kraftly they said, ” Kraftly provides designers and craftsmen an excellent app to sell their products online. It is a great platform for startups who do not have a presence online and need help with selling, marketing, and logistics”. Likewise, they urged every Entrepreneur to keep exploring the space of creating art because creating art is like…life starting all over again.

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