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How to make your budget wedding look luxurious and expensive!

posted by Tanvi Bajaj June 29, 2016 0 comments

Who said budget-savvy weddings can’t look stunning? Just because you don’t want to blow your life’s savings on your wedding doesn’t mean you cannot have the wedding of your dreams and have it look stunningly beautiful and luxurious. We have the perfect tricks to turn your inexpensive wedding into a luxurious affair.

Here are some simple ways to get that wedding you always dreamed of, without spending a bomb:-

  1. Use lanterns & candles extensively
    Centrepieces are called that for a reason, they attract the maximum attention. And fully floral/Swarovski based centrepieces cost a bomb. So to get that extravagant look on your tables, use minimum flowers and a lot of candles. Don’t forget to play around with lanterns and candles and their heights, layering is the key here.
  2. Keep it simple silly
    Embrace minimalism instead of forcing opulence. Opt for a simple and elegant colour theme and get a caterer who works on the same philosophies. That way you can have a classic, simple dinner/wedding party and stand out instead of an OTT wedding.
  3. Cut down on that guest list
    No matter what your parents say, you do not need to invite your Chachi’s mother’s sister’s daughter and her neighbours to your wedding! Keep the guest list small and limited, make it into an intimate and exclusive ceremony. That way, you cut down on your per head costs and give the wedding an exclusive feel at the same time.
  4. Upgrade your chairs only
    Irrespective of what Pinterest tells you to do, you don’t need to get rustic tables, porcelain crockery and a huge farmhouse for your dream wedding. To make your decor look and feel opulent, the insider secret is to upgrade the chairs. Instead of those old wooden+cloth or tent house chairs with a sash, get the beautiful straight-backed golden chairs for your wedding.
  5. Less is always more
    Don’t be a fool and plan 5 functions for a budget wedding, instead have 2 functions with 2-3 events combined. Have an engagement+mehendi and a wedding+ reception, and you’re sorted.
  6. Have a DIY photo booth
    A wedding is all about pictures and everyone loves photo booths! It makes your wedding personalised and feel extravagant. Why not do a DIY photo booth with a regular photographer.
  7. Don’t go for a very auspicious date
    Yes yes, the pundit said getting married during heavy ‘saayas’ will keep you and your to-be-partner happy, but you know what will keep you even more happy? Spending less money on your wedding! Don’t be a fool and go for a date that everyone else is choosing, you’ll end up spending double the amount of money on venues, photographers, make-up artists and what not.
  8. Use Fancy writing
    Calligraphy looks and feels elegant. Personalise your wedding invites, signs at the wedding and any other piece of writing that you might have with calligraphy. You don’t even have to learn it, there are stencils and print outs now!
  9. Play with frames & signs
    Frames and sign boards are very in right now and are an inexpensive way of making your wedding look stunning. Litter them around the wedding venue, in either bright colours or metallics and have cute quotes and personalised stories on the signboards.
  10. Plan, plan, plan
    Plan well in advance! Don’t leave your shopping till the last minute, and no you do not NEED to wear a Sabyasachi lehenga to your wedding while on a budget. Go to as many exhibitions as possible and get great deals for your outfits for functions and your trousseau as well.

So there you go, if you have any other ideas about inexpensive ways to turn your wedding into a luxurious affair then sound off in the comments below.

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