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Honeymoon Packing Checklist – What to pack for your Honeymoon!

posted by Tanvi Bajaj July 6, 2016 0 comments

This is it, the glorious post wedding time when it’s just you and your beau, holidaying on some sandy beach or some secluded resort on a snow clad mountain, the honeymoon is here! While they say you can never be too prepared for your honeymoon, we’re here to make sure that you are completely prepared for it and pack smartly for it. I’ve seen way too many couples being completely bewildered by what to pack for their honeymoon and how to pack, what with them putting it off to the last day because of all the wedding rush. While most couples end up either packing too much or packing too little, there is a fine line between the two which we’ll help you stay on!

While most couples end up either packing too much or packing too little, there is a fine line between the two which we’ll help you stay on!

Ideally, you should be done with most of your honeymoon packing a week before you’re supposed to go for it. In case you’re leaving a day or two after your wedding, ensure you do your main packing before you get married and then just add on/delete from it.

Basic Essentials

Airline Tickets
Passport with Visa (duh)
Hotel Reservation Copies (you never know when your phone conks off, hard copies always help)
Driver’s License
Credit Card/Travel Debit Card
Foreign Currency (if foreign destination)
Indian Currency (irrespective of the destination)
Travel Insurance
Numbers of your doctors
Prescription Medicines (basics like anti allergics, antacids, antibiotics for stomach flu/cold/cough, crocin, AMS, cough syrups, pain killers etc)
Travel Locks
Camera (again, your phone battery might die when you want to click a picture)
International SIM (if foreign destination)
Power Bank
Phone Charger

Carry on bag
Your basic documents (mentioned above)
Basic medicines
A book to read in-flight
A travel pillow
A light jacket/sweater/stole
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Tissues
Basic Makeup – Kajal, Lip balm, lipstick, handcream etc

Now the rest of this largely depends on your destination and duration of your trip, here I’ll give you little basic lists that are common for all, and in my next post I’ll talk about Honeymoon planning and packing specific to destinations.
I won’t be talking about what kind of clothes to pack here because that depends on what you want to take and your personal style, but some basic essentials which a lot of us tend to forget.

Luggage for her
2 basic jeans
Sexy Lingerie
The perfect LBD
Sports Shoes
Gym wear
Strapless Bra
Slippers/Flip Flops
Sun hat (if a beach)
Super warm jacket (if a cold destination)
Your cosmetic kit

Luggage for him
Shorts (irrespective of the destination)
Extra underwear
Swimsuit (no swimming in shorts is not acceptable1)
Sports Jacket
Gym Wear
Gym Shoes
Lace up formal Shoes

Other Essentials (don’t buy there)
SPF for your lips
Insect Repellant
Tanning Lotion (if you like the bronzed look)
Small umbrella
Food packs of Indian food (if traveling outside the country for longer than 2 weeks)
Hair gel/spray



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