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Classic and Contemporary Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

posted by Imtimenla Jamir November 30, 2016 0 comments

Today’s modern day wedding makes sure that no two weddings are alike and thus putting forward a proper gift-giving etiquette has become tough. So if you have been invited to a bridal shower, it is always appropriate to bring a gift to the party, unless you have some sane excuse. Most of the bride’s today like to keep their special day theme based, in such situations it is necessary to get something based on the theme itself, respecting the amount of time and effort they have invested in creating that theme. And if it’s not a theme based ceremony,then you might struggle with what to give as a gift. I know, I know gifts can be a confusion for most of us. Just a week ago, I was invited to one of my classmate’s bridal shower and the struggle in deciding what to gift took more time than I thought. The Internet can be helpful, but then I had to go through a lot of websites to actually decide, what would be the best gift for their new home. So, from my nerve wrecking experience, I am pretty sure, most of you are confused too, that’s why I decided to do a little research and make it easier for you guys, especially when you can view and order these gifts right away, from our website. You can thank me later for these ideas and first read what I had rounded up, as my favorite classic and contemporary bridal shower gifts.

Classic Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Picture Frame

Is the bride your BFF or a close friend? Well, in that matter, this picture frame can be the best gift to recreate your memories together. You can put their childhood photos that you adore, along with all the precious moment you never want to forget. This will also be a reminder every day in their new home, how blessed she is to have friends, and to cherish those timeless moments.

Crystal Vase


A quality vase is an instant eye-catcher, as it adds class to any entryway or dining table. The cuts in the design add an alluring illusion on the clear crystal, something subtle to demand attention yet not flashy enough to distract the eye from the flowers it holds.

Jewelry Box


The ultimate Jewelry box to stash away one’s treasures. Spacious layers and soft cotton lining to protect all her ornaments from being bumped around and scratched.

Champagne Glasses


Who doesn’t love an exquisite set of champagne glass set, especially if one is on the verge of making a new home? Shower the couple in luxury with a set of these glass flutes that I am sure would be a treasured memorial.



A mixer is the queen of all home appliances, especially for couples who loves to cook together. It is an essential for today’s working brides when they have to manage double lives. If the bigger mixers are consuming a lot of space, then opt for the mini mixers as well, both of which are equally handy.

Throw Blankets


A very handy furnishing never go unappreciated and a blanket is one of them. Just the look of this blankets makes us feel all fuzzy and warm inside. And they are not just simply functional but adds a dapper and vibrant feeling to any room with their cozy looks and beautiful patterns.


Contemporary Bridal Shower Gifts

Wall Clock


Contribute something that’s totally on-trend, which the couple can decorate their house with. And what better gift than a clock that screams of vibrant energy and modern art. This would be the perfect gift to adorn their gallery wall.

Coffee Maker


Does anyone else feel that their day doesn’t start till they have their regular cup of coffee? I am one person who cannot survive without coffee, especially when I am not a morning person. Give the new couple this automatic electric coffee maker to ease off their mornings. This is something any couple would appreciate because its coffee man!!

Stylish Vase


I have added another vase to the edition because I feel that Vases are the simplest most dapper item when it comes to home decoration. This sea blue, china bone glossy vase is all she will need to furnish her modern day home. This vase is so stylish yet so subtle and calm with the right color choices and feminine design.

Makeup Brushes set


While makeup is all about choice, women like to own them whether they use it or not. And with makeup products comes the essentially of these brushes. Gift this all set brushes to the bride and solve her problem to buy makeup brushes with every product she purchases, it is not just a bridal shower gift but something that would be very handy in the long run as well.

Cute Couple Cushions


Amidst all the utilitarian gifts, let these cheesy cushions be the shower on a hot summer day. These cushions will be the perfect edition to their home furnishing accessory. Every bride will adore this fluffy ball of love.

I hope these ideas were helpful in narrowing down the idle gift for the bridal shower. If you still haven’t found that perfect gift yet, check out Kraftlys gift section for even more gift ideas or browse our website to find more fun gifts for the bride-to-be.



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