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Cannanore: A Lore From A Loom

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 6, 2017 0 comments

Women are blessed with the perfect synergy to give and preserve life. They have the power to rejuvenate everything. And while they might be soft as a petal one can never fathom the depth of strength a woman possesses. It is this power and extraordinary self-belief that makes the will of a woman unbreakable. When she commits herself to something know that the Universe bows to her ever persistent heart, her unconditional love or her determination to bring a difference.

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Kraftly’s Woman Seller-Anjali Nagar is one such lady, who is persistently thriving to take a tradition forward, that it is not lost to the generations to come. She is the strength, the soul and the piercing light behind Cannanore, who endorses Cannanore not as a brand but as an endeavour to preserve a tradition. Post her graduation in Literature from Madras University, Anjali joined Ayurvedic wellness centre as content and marketing manager. She is still working full time as a manager along with her devotion towards her brand. Anjali had been fond of handloom, handicrafts and designs since her college days. She shares how she’d often buy handcrafted fabrics and get dresses made out of it, how every essence of her style and brand is sensitively linked to handloom. Anjali hails from Kannur, also known by its English name Cannanore, thus rooting her inspiration deep to her tradition. She wasn’t astounded with her decision to do something relating to handloom and handmade art. I think it was a matter of when for her, instead of questions like how and why.

It’s been Seven long years since the inception of Canannore. The concept of Cannanore is so well rooted that it didn’t take much time for people to appreciate it and has grown drastically. It has a store by the name of Whitefield in Inorbit Mall, Bangalore and its own website now. They have products ranging from sarees to beauty essentials to home furnishings to bags and versatile filing folders. Looking at the products, I realise that all the prints and details in their shop are so well blended between tradition and modernity, giving a beautiful outlook to each product. They have set their foot pretty much on everything and the best part is, everything is handcrafted. And think about the amount of employment it must be generating for the people there. We cannot help but respect in awe the beauty of such initiative.


As we all know, nothing permanent and worth appreciating come without its share of struggle and downside. since Cannanore is a handcrafted brand it has a steady output and they had faced the lashes of being expensive and exclusive. Yet they have their market set for foreigners and niche Indian customers, who keeps on coming back for more. But having joined hands with Kraftly, they have a better reach and visibility over its products which was once considered to be less accessible. Anjali shares and appreciated how positive Kraftly was on giving a bigger platform and she hopes that with this collaboration she will do greater things both for the brand and the artist working for it.


You can buy their products on Kraftly here, count on us that you won’t be disappointed!

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