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Best Way to Style Kurtis with different types of Bottom Wear!

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Gone are those cold bitter days where one would get into trouble with layering. Summer is here and with that, the scorching heat demanding cooling fabric and vibrant colours. Is your wardrobe ready for summer? While summer may be the best season for fashion and colour lovers, but we cannot deny that it gets tiresome after a while, especially with all the heat. Then comes Kurti, to the rescue, offering all in one package. But Kurti is just the upper wear. What now? A wrong combination of bottom wear can get you in the red zone of a fashion disaster diary. That’s how important choosing the right pants, accessories and shoes are. If you are still confused what to pair with your Kurti and how to enhance your look, we are here to clear that up. Make you glamorous and help you to make the right choice. With this article, you might also wanna check out Types of Palazzo for wardrobe and styling tips!

The simpleton Leggings

Leggings are skin tight pants mostly made of lycra with cotton, polyester or nylon. It can also be made of wool and silk combined with other fabric, for warmer weather. But leggings are all about comfort and style. And you no longer have to rely on the black coloured legging. You now have it in all the colour to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Style tips
  • Avoid short length or tight fitting Kurtis with leggings. Apart from that, there is nothing a simple legging can’t take.
  • Wear printed Kurti or contrasting colours if your legging is plain.
  • Wear something loose fitted or flared Kurtis with leggings.

The breezy Patiala pants

Patiala is the last name of comfortability. A trouser that is very loose and stitched with pleats displaying beautiful drapes, Patiala pants originated from Punjab. These pants are summer’s darling as they give ample space to its wearers and comes generally in flowy fabric like cotton, chiffon, silk, and georgette. Patiala’s are also one of the most versatile as one can wear it almost everywhere from college to wedding ceremonies.

Style tips
  • Go for cotton partial’s during summer.
  • Pair knee length or shorter Kurtis, also try shirt Kurtis.
  • While you keep the Kurti printed wear a simple plain Patiala and vice versa.

The classic jeans

Another bottom wear that goes wear with Kurtis is jeans, and of course, it needs no introduction. We have been styling jeans endlessly with all the clothes that we can think of, so why not Kurtis! In fact, Kurtis and jeans are ideal for college, daily wear, a date with girlfriends, shopping etc. They are comfortable, stylish and easy to carry.

Style Tips
  • Try a slight deep U-shape and a Chinese collar Kurti instead of the normal collars.
  • knee length, thigh length and long ankle length Kurti with less flare are ideal.
  • Wear a loose Kurti with a boyfriend jeans and sneaker for an experimental look.
  • Try flared and mum jeans with short Kurtis or long shirts, pairing it with classic kholapuri’s and juttis.
  • Never pair embellish Kurtis with a printed jeans. Always keep either the top or the bottom plain.

The flowy graceful skirts

Long skirts are flowy, stylish and extremely comfortable. Available in fabric like cotton, crepe, khadi and other summer fabric, long skirts are normally ankle length or floor touching length. Though midi skirts are in trend now, for something to wear with Kurti the long ones are preferred. Skirts don’t just look good with tops and other western wear but look equally smashing with Kurtis.

Style Tips
  • Wear knee length or calf length Kurtis that are slit from the hip to offer better space to the volume of the skirt.
  • Try shirt style or short Kurti with long cotton skirts.
  • A nice pair of statement earrings and stole can completely change the style game. Also, try a bindi with this skirts.

Reliable jeggings

Jeggings are something that comes in between leggings and jeans. strike out the revealing feature of leggings and the stiff feature of jeans and you have jeggings, best of both garments. These are comfortable, fuss free and reliable and works perfectly for people that have extra flesh around the waist.

Style tips
  • Wear absolutely anything with jeggings, just avoid very long Kurtis.

Dazzle in a Palazzo

Palazzo pants are long women trousers that flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle and are not to be confused with bellbottoms or the Gaucho trousers. Palazzo is the sensation of the season and why not, they are comfortable and chic. So, why wear it only as a western wear when you can have the best of ethnic wear with these palazzos. Available in various styles, length, colours and fabric, palazzos and Kurtis are a must try!

Style Tips
  • Don’t just go for the normal palazzo, try the pleated palazzo, flared palazzo, the layered palazzo etc.
  • Wear long dangling necklace to spice up your look.
  • Wear long slit Kurtis and Anarkali Kurtis for elegant Bollywood look.
  • For an outing, wear pleated palazzos peplum Kurti, short embellished Kurti, or a high neck or Chinese collar Kurti.

The unconventional dhoti pants

Traditionally a men’s garment, dhotis are now worn and loved by women equally. With multiple pleats around the waist stretching to the thigh area dhoti pants are made to suit the comfortability of the wearer, without losing touch of the actual inspiration.

Style tips
  • Wear a jacket style short Kurti with dhoti pants and rock a belt below the bust for a sophisticated look.
  • Pair tulip style Kurtis like your favourite actor does.
  • Wear a simple short Kurti with the dhoti pants, you can keep both the garment plain and accessorise it glamorously
  • Wear printed short length Kurti with plain Kurtis and wrap a stole around for a simply elegant look.
  • Pair peplum Kurti, Chinese collar Kurti, shirt style Kurti and short high low Kurti for experimental looks.
  • Choose a fabric that is soft and flowy instead of lycra or stretchable fabric.

Cigarette pant

Cigarette pants are slim fitted trousers with straight, narrow leg opening at the foot end. Also known as slim-fitted pants or pencil pants, cigarette pants are widely favoured by both men and women alike. Since a cigarette pant ends just at the ankle, it gives a very definite fashionable look when worn with Kurtis.

Style Tips
  • Kurtis with flare, kaftan Kurtis and high low Kurtis looks wonderful with these pants
  • With cigarette pants, one can actually flaunt a print on print look.
  • Ideal to pair it with Kurti for office wear.

Harem/Aladdin pants

The harem pants are long ballooning trousers that are gathered at both the waist and the ankle and are also called by the name of Aladdin pants and parachute pants. These pants give boho vibes and are favoured widely by travellers and foreign tourist. It is also a hot trend amongst young girls who likes to stay relaxed and stylish at the same time.

Style Tips
  • Short straight Kurtis with slits is the ideal combination as it gives enough space for the gather.
  • Shirt style Kurtis and loose tank Kurtis can be worn for casual outings.
  • Very loose asymmetric Kurtis with Harem pants and tribal accessories are a thing.
  • Create Indo-Western fusion with these harem pants.

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