Awesome Friendship Day gifts for your BFF

posted by Nikhil Chowdhary August 1, 2016 0 comments

Ah, Friendship Day is here again. One of the most cherished days of the year when we get together with our closest buddies and commemorate the solidarity of our bond. And even if we aren’t physically present in our BFF’s company, it doesn’t make this day any less important.
As they say, your friends are the family you have the option of choosing! So let’s explore some awesome Friendship Day gifts for your bff.

Friends T-shirt

Make your best friend nostalgic with a Friends fan tee. It’s the most appropriate gift for the occasion that will definitely leave your buddy moved and maybe a little emotional.

friends tee

Friendship coffee mugs

This is the perfect gift. Gift your best friend a couple of cool and quirky coffee mugs that will remind you of your bond and make you laugh every time you sip coffee from them.

friends 2

BFF tees

What’s the biggest thing friends mostly bond over? First thing that comes to mind is food. Yes, we all love food and we’re comfortable hogging on it only in front of our closest friends. So what better gift to get than a pair of theme based matching food tees. Check them out!

friends 3

Time piece

Show your best friend some love with an awesome watch. Unlike a friendship band, this is something your close friend can use every day and will definitely appreciate.

friends 4

Photo frame

You could get your best friend a photo frame with a pre-installed Friends image or if you’re feeling some extra love for him/her, you could put one of your favourite pictures together in it. This can easily count as one of the most thought after and cherished gifts your friend will enjoy.

friends 5

We hope you loved this article and the awesome gifts mentioned in it. Your best friend will definitely cherish these gifts!

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