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5 Things That Make Indian Weddings The Best!

posted by Arushi Singh October 31, 2016 1 Comment

Growing up in India, I have been dipped right into the core of everything that the Indian culture has to offer. From vibrant festivals paired with unnumbered customs and rituals to grand Indian weddings that are a festival in itself. I have been to different weddings but have never experienced one like our desi affair. That’s the thing, we Indians like our weddings just like we do our gossip sessions, blown out of proportions, and boy, do we love every minute of it! The wedding may be the main event but in India, it’s the other things that make it the best among all cultures.

What are they, you ask? Have patience curious cats and read on for the 5 things that make Indian weddings the best!

Take A Week Off

Indian weddings come with a week-long itinerary, with a guest list of over 100 people that makes it look like a festival. Starting from the engagement ceremony to ‘sangeet’, to cocktail party, to ‘mehndi’, to ‘haldi’, to the wedding event and finally followed by the grand reception. The list is exhausting and the whirlwind of events can leave you out of breath, but every minute spent in this madness is worth it. So keep up and get groovy!


You’re In a Movie

Indian weddings are a grand affair and it wouldn’t be too wrong to compare one with a Suraj Barjatya movie. One can taste the many flavours of the Indian wedding with a dash of ceremonies, a dollop of emotions and a striking decor, often so grand that it leaves you awestruck. Be prepared to see your entire decor board on Pinterest come to life.


The Shoe War

“Every step you take, every move you make, we’ll be watching you” the recurring thought all the groomsmen are plagued by at the time of ‘Joota Churai’ (stealing shoes) ceremony at any Indian wedding. It is a fun Indian tradition where the bride’s side of the family tries to steal the groom’s shoes while groom’s side of the family tries to protect it.This tug of war between the ‘ladki’ and ‘ladke walas’ is one of the most entertaining events of the night. Once the ceremony is over the groom has to bribe the bride’s maids with gifts and money to return his shoes. Nice way to make some extra bucks, eh?


The Wedding Runway

The fashion week’s got nothing on the Indian wedding venue. From the latest trends to the top Indian and international designers, one can see people in their finest of attires and latest jewellery all week long, a new outfit after the other. If you’re running out of outfit inspiration for the next wedding you have to attend, then don’t worry because you’re going to get ample inspiration in the current one! Err, yes the bride is decked up too in Sabyasachi, did you forget she was the show stopper?!


A Food Paradise

If there is anything we Indians take more seriously than decor in our weddings then it is the FOOD! You name the cuisine and we have it all in a lavish display welcoming your taste buds. This section is also one of the most crowded in the entire venue, for the love of food spares no one, not even the bride and groom. BRB slipping into a food coma.


Well, there you have it, the 5 things that add to the charm of the Indian weddings and make it the best among its counterparts. The wedding season is upon us and it’s time to get dressed and bring in those sick dance moves to the celebrations.

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Roshni Mathur January 12, 2017 at 2:33 pm

Nowadays, Indian weddings have been celebrated as like a festival which includes variety of elements like fashion, custom, culture, joy, fun and fireworks. Its now a cocktail of celebration and entertainment together.


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