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15 Jaw Dropping Home Decor Ideas For House Interior Decoration

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 2, 2017 0 comments

When it comes to Home Decor we assume that one has to invest a lot if you want a decent outcome. But not all home decorating ideas require heavy investments or an extra luxury of time. Well, if you are aiming for a complete makeover and you don’t want to compromise on your exquisite taste, then it might burn your pocket. But if you are thinking of an affordable interior decoration, then get the best out of this ideas.

1. Hang Photo Frames

Give a personal touch to your wall by hanging pictures that you cherish. Try frames that are classic, wooden or ornate to make a difference.

2. Plants makes everything vibrant

Plants breathe in an air of freshness and happiness to a room. Be it your living room, bedroom or even the kitchen, it is always a good idea to keep plants. Use planter as cute as your plant

3. Paint the old wall off and clean


You have no idea what a new paint and some dusting can do to the whole surrounding. Put a completely different colour to the previous one and get rid of all unwanted things. Make room for new ones.

4. Get neat with a rug

Laying rugs beneath a table makes the place warmer and conversation friendly. Use a colour that compliments the colour and setting of the room.

5. Pour in your creativity


Squeeze every ounce of your creativity out while deciding on the colours, mouldings and fabric for the kind of look you had visualised. Trust me, it does wonders!

6. Place your figurines in a group

Display your love for collectables. Arrange related objects together in groups of three and five and put them together in a corner or somewhere that can be noticed.

7. Sophisticate it with a lamp

Lamps have an essence of class and sophistication around them. Either keep vintage lamps according to the theme of the decor, otherwise, seek out fresh designs and colours on a regular basis because an old dirty lamp doesn’t put up a good impression.

8. Minimise on cluttering


Cluttering has never made a home look decent! Instead, try making the room as spacious as possible. Space has a way of making everything look neat and better.

9. Get quirky with cushions

The good news is, cushions and pillows come in various designs, patterns and colours. And the best part is, it has the ability to change the whole mood of the room. So get some very quirky and vibrant cushions to set the right mood.

10. Soothing candles/candle holders

Candles will never look bad. Try putting the candle in twins, the fancy ones as well. And You can always go for the scented ones!

11. Go vibrant with colours

Even a small patch of vibrant colour makes a humungous difference to the whole lighting of the room. Suddenly the house might look brighter and happier. You can choose a wall and paint it in extremely contrasting colour and divert the whole attention there.

12. Display your book collection

Books can be a brilliant way to change the whole aura of your home. Show some of your favourite books stacked neatly on a fancy wooden shelve. It’s even better if the cover of the book looks fancy.

13. Display some exquisite pottery

Potteries has an old world charm. Display earthy miniature pottery and it can do wonders to your decor.

14. Add a dash of colour and print to your curtains

If you want something that adds dimension and texture to your room then a select the right curtain and see the difference yourself.

15. Display artefacts and collectables

One statement collectable can make a vast difference. It can be the centre of attention and the topic of conversation. Make sure you put the best one out!

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