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Unfolding The Shiprocket Social Story

Are you a home maker, a student, a working professional, an artist, a seller or unemployed? Whoever you are – you know what? You have the power to create something beautiful from nothing.!! Not only that - You also have the power to own such exclusive products, created by someone in another part of the world! You think we are kidding?

Well, Brace Yourself! We realize this potential in you – which is why the idea of Shiprocket Social was born in the first place. We wish to create a global community where you can not only create and sell unique products but also buy such different items, which so far have been available offline.

Want to know something stunning?

Shiprocket Social launch
Shiprocket Social Launch

August, 2015






6 Lac and counting

That’s huge! Ok, we don’t want to babble about ourselves, but that is really huge for a 3 months old company. Let’s put it this way…We want to get every homepreneur, who creates offbeat products online and we are shedding our blood & sweat each day to make this a reality. Okay, maybe not blood ;)

But yeah! Our team promises to fulfill our promise.

Bring Out the ‘You’niqueness in You

All things bright and beautiful
Every summer winter and fall
All things fun and youthful
Shiprocket Social has them all!

Yes Shiprocket Social has all of these! Quite literally!

If you are tired of wearing the same brands, the same apparels & accessories as the person next to you, having the same artifacts in your house as your relatives, well then - this is your pit stop!

Away from the standard, typical and stereotype products, we promise to bring to your doorstep, unique products that are crafted with love from sellers all over India. Products from craft fairs, flea markets, boutiques, exhibitions you visit offline, regional local markets...Finally, you can live the joy of owning something that is not produced for anyone else but you! That is not found anywhere else, but Shiprocket Social. What more, we recommend products suitable to your tastes and personal interests. Also, you get a chance to personally know the maker’s, read about their stories and then buy from them…

Because Your Unique Products Deserve a Unique Space

To all the creators out there – All you have to do is simply CREATE with love! We have solutions to all the ‘Behind The Scene’ jobs – Creating your mini-shop & selling your products. To the extent of even managing the daunting task of logistics and payments for you as well!

You must be thinking…why should you sell on Shiprocket Social? A company which is just a couple of months old and not on marketplaces that already have thousands of sellers. The answer is simple…Because millions of sellers are already selling there! We believe that every seller is special and we wish to create a special niche for you. We wish to create a special place for you, where your creations are finally noticed...and can finally traverse from your hands to the hands of the seeker…

It’s time to see the Magic of Shiprocket Social from your Eyes. We welcome you to be a part of our family.
Meet you on the other side of uniqueness