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Beautiful Nose Rings

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Add a twist to your usual style by picking a chic Nose Pin to go with that special dress on your best friend’s wedding! Available in unique designs and styles, this particular accessory is just perfect to make you look feminine and fabulous. Shop your favourites at best prices. 



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Nose rings are the representation of coolness with a traditional bearing. Nose rings look sexy; they look bold; they look confident and delicate all at the same time. They let you stand out in the crowd. It might not be too easy to carry a nose ring as one has to be subtle yet strong. Nose rings are among the subtle ways by which women can escape their daily mundane look; it is an excellent way to look different instantly. Nose rings and nose pins are no longer a traditional thing; the modern fashionistas love it as much as the older generation. It has emerged as a trend for quite some time now, and people are embracing the statement it makes and the aura of boho chic vibe it emits. And the best part is there are enough varieties to choose for every face shape. You can get nose rings and pins depending on the kind of face structure you have, for both men and women alike. 
Nose pins are the most common and are readily available in varieties of styles and designs. A traditional design includes nose pin with single stones that outshines to offer a different look. With progress in jewelry designing along with excellent craftsmanship, they come out in fresh and ideal designs that pave the way for a refreshing look. You can either have the nose studs in metal and stone encrusted beautifully on the pin or even get fake nose studs or plastic nose pins which are available online.  There are also nose studs that can be worn without piercing; these are temporary and based on the level of style and comfort, you can pick the one that is less of hassle. 
For those who are confused on the kind of nose piercing to get done or which nose rings or nose pins and studs should they get, here is the solution for that.
Here are few types of nose piercing and their corresponding nose pin and nose rings designs you can wear with each piercing:
Nostril piercing: The most common piercing is the nose piercing. Nostril piercing consists of a single hole and is done just above the crease where your nostril curves gently away from your cheek. It also has the widest jewelry options including the insertion of studs, nostril screws, L-shaped pins, nose rings, circular barbells and captive ball ring.
High nostril piercing: The high nostril piercing is exactly what it is, consisting of a hole on the upper part of the nose. And because of the sensitivity of the location, studs are mostly recommended.
Septum piercing: Septum piercing is quite popular in the fashion circle now, it has become a trend since last few seasons. They are the coolest thing there is now. Wear your septum piercing with circular barbells, captive bead rings, or even gauges.
Bridge piercing: Bridge piercing are classified as a surface piercing, the bridge piercing is pretty much looking awesome. You can look very stylish and bold if you can carry the bridge piercing. Jewelry that can be worn with bridge piercings is curved barbells and circular barbells.
Vertical tip piercing: As the name would suggest, vertical tip piercing starts from just above the tip of the nose to just under the tip of the nose. It is rare to find people doing vertical tip piercing, but you can always try it out if you want to try something new and exciting. Due to the shape of the nose, a curved barbell is the only jewelry that you can wear on a vertical tip piercing.
We all look for a constant change in how we look, and nose pins and nose rings are the closest and easiest things that can drastically shift the way you look. Buy Indian nose pins, flowers nose rings, silver nose pin, antique silver nose pin, and unique designs of nose pins and nose rings on Kraftly. Go bold and make your fashion statement loud by adorning the perfect nose rings and nose pins from Krfatly. 
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