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The scale can be defined as a concept or device for measuring, arranging or quantifying objects in any given sequence. In mathematics, a scale is used to find the proportion of a line in relation to the measurement of the actual object. Scales are of different forms, you have to choose according to your requirement.


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Scales are required for various purposes and they vary in forms also. There is category scale which is used for identifying certain observations and does not possess any quantitative significance. They are also known as qualitative or nominal scale. The other form is known as interval scale where the fixed sequence of digits represents amount, numeric values, intervals etc. Scales are considered as an important stationary item for its variety of usage. At you will get your required stationary item. Just identify your requirements and start browsing. The usage of scales differs according to its forms. On a blueprint, the scale is used for evaluating the ratio. At school, the first activity of a scale which we learn is to draw a straight line. Scales are also used for drawing sketches. With the help of sketches, we can easily visualize large objects like roads and buildings on paper. Scale drawings are even used on a GPS. Architects usually use scale for drawing a design or to construct models. For this reason, blueprints and maps without the presence of scales would become useless. Here at you will get scales and other related stationary products.

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