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A calculator is a tool that saves time and can help in performing different forms of mathematical exercises. Calculators are of various types like handheld calculators, printing calculators, scientific calculators etc. Each type varies in shapes, sizes and designs. One should carefully note the differences in each type for choosing the appropriate one.


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As the calculator is being used universally, there are different models available for different groups. Calculators with simple functioning can be traced in almost every home. This form is also available on the cell phones which possess the standard technology. These simple functioning calculators are helpful for elementary math. There are however more effective calculators available for students of engineering and mathematics. Not only this, there are special calculators which fulfills the requirement of many professions. At you will get various forms of calculators. You just need to know the differences in various forms for selecting the correct one for your task. Handheld calculators are the basic type. These are the simpler ones available in stylish designs and various color options. They are available in dual displays for flexible operations. Dual displays are mainly used in business calculations like currency conversion, taxes etc. The basic type is also available with three lines for calculations. Scientific calculators are used for solving sophisticated conversions. They also help in solving statistics, scientific data analyzing etc. These types are the most advanced ones which provide a wide range of functionality. Here at there are various options available for both the simpler and the advanced forms.

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