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Glitters are unique colourful art supplies, which tend to reflects the light in different angles. It makes the surface shine and shimmer. Glitters tend to draw the attention of the work making it captivating; as a result they are the most preferred art supplies for the children.


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Glitters can be used to decorate nearly anything whether it is hats, flower pots, vases, lamps, candles and even to cakes. We also use to decorate the art files. Glitters are meant to adorn any form of artistic work; from scrapbooks to photo albums, cards and craft projects. Glitters can be called the herpes of crafting supplies. Because of the light reflection, children are usually very fond of glitters and they love to beautify their artworks with these bright art supplies. There are fine and coarse glitters and finer the glitter is, it will give more color saturation to the images. As far as glittering the cakes are concerned, we have to spray edible glitter. It makes the cake lustrous and eye-catching. With the help of glitters, we can give a different tinge to a simple work making it a personalized work. We can even gift them which will remain a memory to the people and for that visit and make your own gifts or can buy readymade products out of glitters. Even it can be kept as a home décor or a token of love.

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