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Just like the Sitar the Tanpura is one of the long neck lutes. It is usually stringed with 4 or 5 metal strings (rarely with 6 strings) and it is a basic note instrument and as such an important component in classical Indian music.


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They are tuned to the basic note and its fifth and octave. The strings are only plucked. A characteristic feature of the Tanpura is its sound that is very rich in overtones and the special rich sound effect that is produced by the constant playing of the individual strings and which has an intensive effect on the listener. The Tanpura is thus not only an ideal accompaniment for traditional Indian music, but also an ideal companion for musical meditation, overtone singing or modal improvisation.Like for the other instruments TARANG offers a wide range of northern Indian Tanpuras of different leading instrument makers. All Tanpuras are handmade unique objects and not instruments from industrial mass production. For this reason, all indications of size and design are only clues and not binding assurances. Also for Tanpuras we can fulfill your special wishes in cooperation with an instrument maker. Please contact us if you have special ideas.

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