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Santoor instrumental music is extremely popular, even more so than songs with lyrics. It is because of their ability to be understood as well as accepted by music lovers all over the world. The   santoor   is just some of the hugely respected as well as popular Indian music instruments.


Santoor is a very ancient instrument of India. The original name of this instrument was Shata-tantri Veena which in Sanskrit language means a Veena of 100 Strings. Today, when we say Veena, it means a specific instrument but in ancient times Veena was a common word for different kinds of string instruments. The first string instrument was called Pinaki-Veena. The idea to create this instrument came from the Bow & Arrow when Arrow was released it created a sound out of that idea somebody created a musical instrument and named it Pinaki Veena. In the Western Countries this instrument is called the Harp and in India we have got a miniature form of the same instrument known as “Swarmandal” which many vocalists these days use while singing. It is obtainable in this site in different colors and so you kan purchase this fron this online shop

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