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Drum Sets

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Drum sets are a percussion musical instrument used to play both folk and classical music, which includes the tabla. Tabla is a pair of drums.  It consists of of a small right hand drum called dayan and a larger metal one called bayan. Each drum head has three separate skins.


The tabla has an interesting construction.  The dayan (right hand drum) is almost always made of wood.  The diameter at the membrane may run from just under five inches to over six inches.  The bayan (left hand drum) may be made of iron, aluminium, copper, steel, or clay; yet brass with a nickel or chrome plate is the most common material.  Undoubtedly the most striking characteristic of the tabla is the large black spot on each of the playing surfaces.  These black spots are a mixture of gum, soot, and iron filings.  Their function is to create the bell-like timbre that is characteristic of the instrument.  The tabla sets available on our store are all handcrafted and made of the finest materials of wood and skin sure to produce the finest music for you. They are used by all users from beginners to experts and we have a long list of satisfied users.

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