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Dholak is a very popular folk drum of northern India.  It is barrel shaped with a simple membrane on the right hand side.  The left hand is also a single membrane with a special application on the inner surface.  This application is a mixture of tar, clay and sand (dholak masala) which lowers the pitch and provides a well defined tone.


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The dholak is a very popular drum especially in nothern India with double skins used to play Indian folk music. The dholak's difference in diameter of the high skin and the bass skin is relatively small. On the contrary to many other Indian drums, the dholak has simple smooth skins on both sides and it makes playable not only by using the differentiating finger techniques common in India. The dholak is handcrafteed with superior quality dried mango wood used for the barrel and goat skin used for the membranes. The skin membranes are fitted to the drum shell with chord and rings which can also be used to tune the instrument with tensioning as per the requirement. The quality of materials used determines to a great degree the quality of music produced from it. Hence the dholaks listed on our site conform to the highest quality standards. Each instrument is tested and checked for any defects or deficiencies. We also provide support for any assistance you may need with the dholak. Taking care of dholak is also a major aspect for it to last long and give the same quality of output after years of usage. It should be kept out of moisture as it can damage the skin of the heads.  Any sharp objects near the skins on the heads should be avoided. One should keep both the heads of the Dholak covered when not in use and make sure that nothing is placed over them.  Make sure that the ropes are loosened after playing. If not the rope lace will be ruined because of overstretching.

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