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Now days computers for kids are fundamental and the time which they spend on it are increasing with the passing time. The most important things for children are the PC games which they enjoy a lot and want them every time PC games are in much demand nowadays.

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Children love PC games as they enjoy them a lot, starting from puzzles to racing cars or bikes, action games to sports competition these games are everyone’s favorite. These PC games help in making child’s brain sharper and make them come out from any situation. These games make kids reading power better and prove to be the time of bonding between adult and child as it is for every age group. Pc games also develop the children’s creative skills as well .many games require a high level of thinking and recognition in order to win and these skills are not taught at school it can be obtained by playing these PC games. Some are logical games in which child need to solve problems with their logic and brain power by implying following the instructions were given which are very beneficial on their part. These games help the children to develop their brains well and teach them to simplify various problems with various techniques and also make them ready mentally to face and conquer any situation in their lives with gaming knowledge and options. So these PC games give overall benefits to the children and make them far away from stress and

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