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Best Outfits For Pear Shaped Body

posted by Imtimenla Jamir October 31, 2017 0 comments

How does a pear shaped body look like?

The pear shape also know as A shape, triangle, spoon or bell shape normally have narrower shoulders than hips, has more weight on hips and thighs and has a well-defined waistline.

How to determine if you’re pear shaped?

To determine if you are pear shaped, examine yourself in a full-size mirror in your undergarments. Keep your legs together and examine the area from under your arms, bust and ribcage, your waist and hips till your thighs. Start measuring and if the measurement around the shoulders is narrower than your hips then you are pear shaped! Your body would somewhat look like a pear or a triangle, given that you have narrow shoulders.

Considering the pear shaped body, we have come up with fun tips and tricks on what to wear and look best for pear shaped body. These are just guidelines cause at the end you wear and do what would make you feel more comfortable. Read on.

Wear Embellished and colorful tops

Embellishments, embroideries, motifs, beads and laces not just look appealing, they also enrich the upper body and gives the much need diversion from the bulky lower body. Along with the embellished neckline, colours play an important role to enhance your upper body. Try red, pink, orange, pastel, white etc.

Avoid: Dark colours. both your top and pant should never be in dark colour.

Choose A-line and empire line dresses


A-line and empire gown dresses very gently stretch to a flare from the waist down. This gives a very prominent figure. The flare disguises the bulk waistline to a slimmer look. If you have one of those pears shaped body, these dresses are your escape.

Avoid: Bodycon dresses and fabric that are clingy like lycra, nylon etc. Pleated and gather dresses aren’t your best choices either.

Skirts for the pear shaped body

While A-line dresses might be your best friend, let not ignore the flared and skater skirts. Flare skirts spreads in an appealing flare from waist down which gives the much need disguise. Wear knee legth or ankle legth skirts for better results.

Avoid: Pencil skirts and hot pants. You might regret wearing them!

Broad shoulders and collar bones look sensual and take away all the attention. Why not wear something to enhance it? Ruched, cape and butterfly sleeves, bateau neck, and scoop necklines add to the shoulder, making it look broader and appealing. And to add weight to the chest try off-shoulder, strapless, V-neck or plunge neck tops and dresses. Clothes that are padded around the shoulder are also recommended and lucky you, it’s in trend now.

Avoid: Top length that ends at your hip or your thigh as it will attract undue attention to your lower part.

Pants for the pear shaped body

Just like A-line dresses and flare skirts gives a balance to your body, flare and bell bottom pants Work out perfectly on your leg to give a proportionate look. If you don’t like the bell bottom trend, you can always opt for the straight cut look as it gives a slimmer look around the waistline.

Avoid: Narrow bottom, slim and tight fitted pants.

Don’t ignore fitted clothes

Loosely fitted clothes widen your lowers curves and points the whole attention to the lower part of the body, which, as a pears shape body doesn’t work out. This may sound like a small thing to take off but it makes a major difference in the whole appearance of your body. Wear fitted tops to divert all the attention to your upper body.

Avoid: Ill fitted and clumsy tops, sloping or narrow shoulder lines.

Rock it out with belts

Just like A-line and empire line cuts, putting a belt around the waist makes everything more appealing and easier to carry. It highlights your bust area and gives the required flare around the waistline. And belts look gorgeous with dresses and tops, just make sure that you choose a slim belt if you have pears shape body.

Avoid: Broad and wide belts as the broad belts will emphasise and add more volume to your lower part.

Undergarments for the pear shaped body

No matter what you put on if you are not wearing comfortable undergarments you tend to feel bad from inside and it will reflect on your outer appearance as well. It is extremely necessary that you choose the right undergarments depending on your body type. For pears shaped body that have a smaller bust, wear push up and padded bras to give volume to your chest area and give equal proportion to your body.

Shoes for the pear shaped body

If you’re not blessed with height and slender legs that’s not much to worry about. Heels were invented to solve that problem. Pears shaped body normally has fleshy legs, so wear those heels to elongate your legs and to make yourself look taller. Pick heels like peep toes and pointed heels to make your legs even longer.

Avoid: Ankle straps, tiny heels, delicate footwear, ankle boots with straps around your calf area.

Stud it up with statement necklace

If you’re wearing a plain top or dress then it is necessary to accessorise your outfit. Wear bold vibrant necklaces that hang so that all the attention is diverted to the upper part. You can also wear the collar style necklace to highlight your neck and shoulder. All this will place the much-needed attention to your upper body.

Avoid: Necklaces if you are already wearing an embellished top.

Wear bold earrings

When you don’t have an option to glitter your outfit with necklaces, choose bold dangling earrings to be the centre of attention. It is another amazing way to draw attention towards the upper body and let people notice you for the glitzy earrings.

Avoid: Wearing both statement necklace and earrings at the same time. In case you do, keep one of the accessories minimal and subtle.

Salwar for pear shaped body

Indian wear guidelines are no different when it comes to pear shaped body. When you are deciding on traditional attire, go for long A-line suits, Kurtis or Anarkali. Keep the flare going in order to create a proportionate look by hiding the heavy bottom. Keep the bottom wear dark and the upper wear light and vibrant.

Avoid: Dark colour and printed bottom wear. Short and skin hugging Kurtis is a no no!

Traditional clothing necklines for the pear shaped body

When you choose a traditional outfit, go for something that has embellishments, motifs, embodies, studs etc, anything that would draw the attention towards that upper body. Along with the embellishments choose necklines like boat neck, scoop necks, sweetheart neck and square neck to make your shoulder broader and balance out the bust.

Sarees for pear shaped body

Though pleats in saree are unavoidable, you can always choose your style. Wear your saree with fewer pleats and gather to proportionate out the body. Like in salwar and Kurtis, go for sarees that have embellished or heavy work border lines. Wear printed sarees in bright colours and have something that has embroidery work around. Likewise, keep the blouse as stylish and heavy as possible and keep the neckline wide and deep. All this will help in disguising your heavy bottom and divert the attention elsewhere.
Avoid: Heavy pleats and mermaid style saree.

Are you one of the pear shaped body? Let us know in the comments below, how do you style yourself or you have some live saviour hack for your body type!

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