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What to Wear and Look Best For Banana Shaped Body!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir April 11, 2017 0 comments

How does a banana shaped body look like?

Banana shaped body or the rectangular, ruler or the alphabet H have evenly proportionate shape, which means your shoulders, hips and waist are pretty evenly proportioned. You might have small to medium size bust and your waist is not defined. The waist is the definitive point when it comes to differentiating whether you’re a banana or hourglass shaped body. The waist is well-defined with an hourglass shaped body whereas, for banana, the waist is not defined because it has almost the same width as the shoulders and hips.

Choose comfortable not too tight clothing

Anything with a body-hugging fabric is a no, as too tight clothes will reflect your straight frame. Very loose and baggy clothes will also make you look shabby, so avoid that as well. For banana shaped body, semi-fitted clothes are ideal, something that would highlight the best part of the body and will conceal those you don’t want to show.

Wear peplums

The best thing about peplums is that it highlights your curves which help to create an illusion of a well-defined waistline. Peplum is the best bet to show a shaped waistline for a banana shaped body and it looks incredibly stylish on everyone.

Skirts for banana shaped body

If you have a banana shaped body then you’re lucky that you can wear all the skirts irrespective of its shape and length. Just avoid wearing heavy details around the waist like pleats and gathering. Otherwise, wear whatever you want from A-line, pencil, straight, maxi, etc.

Belted tops and dresses for your banana shaped

Putting a belt around the waist makes everything more appealing and easier to carry. But for your banana-shaped body, it will highlight your lack of a well-defined waistline. Instead, you can curve the belt to make it sit at your waist and drop lower at the front near the hips. Opt for subtle and less detailing belts to avoid attention towards your waist.

Necklines for banana shaped body

If you have a banana shaped body you might wanna go for scoop or boat neck and medium to high necks. If you have long necks high necks will look amazing. Avoid wearing very deep neck, instead, keep it medium revealing just the right amount of chest and beauty bone.

Choose halter necks

Halter necks reveal the best side of your body and look really sexy on anyone. And if you have a banana shaped body, it’s a plus point as it will help accentuate your body making it curvy. It will give the appearance of a bigger breast and show off your back.

Pants for banana shaped body

Being a banana shaped body have its perks. The best one is, you can wear pants of any style. Just remember to wear mid-low rise pants if you have a short waist and vice-versa. Otherwise, you will look stunning in straight, skinny, flared, boot-leg etc.

Dresses for banana shaped body

Shift dresses, empire line dresses, A-line dresses and gowns very gently stretch to a flare from the waist down creating a long slender look. This gives a very prominent figure. halter to reveal your back and bust, one shoulder and off-shoulder to create the illusion of wider shoulder and dresses with train and V-necked dress are also recommended.

Choose strong blocks of colours for your banana-shaped body

Clours define a lot of things, not just how you look but also in defining your body shape. If you have a banana shaped body wear strong block colours to accentuate your shape and create a delusion of your waist.

Ruffles and frills are perfect for banana shaped body

ruffles and frills

Often, embellishments around the chest accentuate the bustline giving the illusion of a bigger bust. Likewise, use this trick with ruffles and frills to add texture, volume, and femininity to your figure.

Shoes for banana shaped body

Sandal heels and heels with straps will look good on you anyone. But if you want to wear flats and pumps, choose round shape. Peep toes and mules and strap heels will look amazing and will help you better show your long legs.

Undergarments for banana shaped body

Shapewear is a must for the banana-shaped body. Wear a bra that adds a cup size in order to balance our your angular feature. Since you have straight body, anything that would give shape to it will work well,

Wear accessories

Do anything to divert your attention from your waist. And what better way to do it than accessories. Wear pretty, bold, colourful, statement accessories, brooches, scarfs etc to draw attention towards it, away from your waist.

Ethnic wear for banana shaped body

Kurtis and tunics that has a curve and are flared will look better and will create the illusion of a defined waistline because of the flare. Go for frock style Kurtis that like empire style in order to give that defined waist. Pick something that has nice prints and bright colours. Keep your sarees embellished and heavy or artworks around the borderlines and keep your blouse embellished to draw attention towards it.

Necklines of tradition wear for banana shaped body

Necklines are to be kept broad. V-shaped, high necks, Chinese collar, scoop or boat necks will work perfectly. Medium depth necklines should be preferred with embellished around the neck. Embroidery, beads, stones etc should be worn in order to draw attention from the waist.

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