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What not to wear during summer!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir April 28, 2017 0 comments

We know it already, it’s freaking hot outside!
We also know, we are hot!
Have you made a list of what not to wear during summer? Or still figuring out?
Our wardrobes are often unprepared to deal with extreme weather conditions and as a consequence resort to drastic measures and how could we blame you? We all are in the same boat. It is essential to know what you should wear, but it is more important to know what you shouldn’t wear. There, half of your problem is solved just by knowing what not to wear during summer!

Sunglass indoors



You might look hot in sunglasses but only when you’re outside. Wearing sunglasses inside doesn’t make you look mysterious or cool. Instead, you look stupid.

Socks with sandals



If you want all sense of fashion and style to jump together from a cliff, then you should consider wearing socks with sandals. It is not restricted to summertime alone. Kill yourself if you feel like wearing socks with sandals. Let me help you with a gun!




We don’t care how short your dress is or whether it a tank or an off shoulder. Velvet just doesn’t work for summers. Period.

Workout bras are not cropped tops



Do you like working out? Great! Who doesn’t like being in shape? It’s just that; we don’t wear bras specifically designed for physical exercise outside. It doesn’t matter how great a body you’ve got, wear those bras when you workout.

Sweat pants and sweat shorts are sweaty



Once again, save those sweat pants and sweat shorts for the gym or taking your dog out for a walk. Unless you’re a professional rapper, you can’t go around wearing these pants in the supermarkets.

Leather is not summery



Leather jackets and pants are the epitomai of cool. Don’t get me wrong here, but they do not work for summers. If you’ll be sweating in your leather jacket, it doesn’t make you look cool, right? Leave leather garments to colder days, please!

Exposed lingerie

We understand the sheer trend ladies; it’s the easiest way to stay cool. This summer, don’t go to the length that people see your intimate apparel.

Stop over accessorising



It’s summer, so everything from clothes to accessories should be kept as minimal as possible. Don’t cover yourself with all the accessories in the world. You need to breathe girl!

Flip flops



Save this form of summer footwear exclusively for the beach or poolside. Wearing flip-flops and other derivatives won’t make the beach come to you just because you can’t go. Don’t even think about it.

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