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Wedding Theme- Think White And Gold

posted by Arushi Singh November 6, 2016 0 comments

Planning a wedding can be a ginormous task and especially if you’re planning on following a theme.The wedding season is in full swing and you have a big a day to plan too! You have spent a whole week deciding upon a wedding theme, and with so many good options your heart has finally settled on the opulence of white and gold, but you can seem to find enough inspiration to get the ball rolling? Worry not, because we are here to help!

Dip your toes in the sea of grandeur with our white and gold inspired collection.

Elegance Redefined

Give a touch of elegance to your wedding decor with the flickering lights of candles. Place these pretty votive holder on each of your guest tables and create a serene ambience around you.


Light Up

Add a personal touch to the wedding decor with these pendant LED lights. Perfect for an outdoor decor, multiple strings of these over the open area will add a soft gold gleam to the setting.


Heart Of Gold

Add a touch of your opulent wedding theme to your attire with this rhinestone-studded gold heart bracelet. Pair this delicate piece with your cocktail gown or add it to the set of bangles to be worn with your wedding lehenga.


Clutch It

Walk into the room and make a statement with this beautiful gold clutch. Whether getting ready for your sangeet or reception, keep your look down to minimal accessories and a subtle yet classy gold touch to your look with this clutch.


Golden Feet

What’s a pretty outfit without a nice pair of shoes and in this case, it has to be a pair of glittering gold heels for the golden wedding theme! Strut up the aisle with these white and gold beauties that’ll go perfectly with any colour lehenga you finalise for the big day!


Gold Links

Make your partner’s ensemble sharper with this set of gold cufflinks and tie pin. Gift him this beautiful set and watch him take that dapper quotient up a notch.


Time Is Fleeting

Gift your husband this sharp looking gold dial watch. This one is bound to amp up his tux with a subtle touch of gold.


Quirk It Up

A little humour makes moments golden. Funny how this piece goes so well with your wedding theme, so ahead and get a good laugh with your beau and this gold topper while you cut that cake.


Two’s Company

A wedding without fun isn’t done! Add a prop station for your guests where they can have some fun getting pictures clicked and personalise props for you and your beau with these quirky bride and groom stickers!


Wrap Up!

Gone are the days of the gaudy wrapping paper clad wedding favours, replace it with this chic gold gift box. Place the wedding favours in this box and gift it to your guests, this idea will be welcomed with much awe.


These eye-catching ideas will give your wedding a golden glow that you are looking forward to. Now get started on the preparations if haven’t already and don’t forget to pick out these items for your theme only on Kraftly!


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