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What To Wear And Look Best For Hourglass Shaped Body!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir April 17, 2017 0 comments

What is an hourglass shaped body look like?

Hourglass shaped body is considered as the most desirable body types. Women find it perfect and sensual to have proportionate bust and hip with a narrow waist. Who doesn’t want the Marilyn Moroe body, with the right curves! Women with hourglass have perfectly balanced and curvaceous body and just like an hourglass characterised by a narrow waist.

Undergarments for hourglass shaped body

Wearing the right undergarment is an essential for the hourglass shaped body. Choose the right bra, bras that would support and give you the right fit. Wearing the right undergarment means showing your curves at the right place.

Wear fitted Clothes

If you have hour glass shaped body, wear fitted clothes to flaunt your curves. Don’t misunderstand fitted for tight here. Instead go for comfortably fitted clothes, something that would all you to show your female body in the right way.

Dresses for hourglass shaped body

Since hourglass shaped bodies are blessed with proportionated upper and lower body parts, they look stunning in a sheath, A-line and mermaid dresses. These dresses fit your bust and elongate your waist.

Choose light weighted clothes

Fabric like cotton, silks, viscose, etc. flatters your curves the most as they are light weighted and breezy. These fabric have the ability to slide through your curves like it was tailored for you. Avoid heavy weighted material that is stiff and is unable to give justice to your curves.

Pants for hourglass shaped body

Straight cut and slim jeans look stunning if you have structured long legs, while bellbottom and wide leg pants balance out your waist. IF you have an hourglass shaped body, wear more of flares, straight cut and long waisted pants. Avoid wearing low waist pants as they make you waist look heavier and wider.

Belt and waistband for hourglass shaped body

Putting anything around the waist works if you want to show off your curves and it’s a must for an hourglass-shaped body to show their slim waist. Wear the belt or waistband at the narrowest part of your waist to draw attention towards your waist and show your proportionate curves.

Wear peplums

Apart from wearing belts the easiest way to show your slim waist is by choosing to wear peplums. This stylish clothing does wonders to your body shape.

Neckline for hourglass shaped body

Close and high necks weren’t made for an hourglass-shaped body as they tend to accentuate the bust line. Instead wear scoop neck, V-neck and sweetheart to attract attention to your narrow waist. Moderate to deep necklines works best to show your beautiful shoulders and put the whole light around the waist.

Wear wrap and bodycon dresses

Wrap and bodycon dresses are made for the curvy women, they accentuate the narrow waist and flatters the curves. One looks stunning and proportionate in these dresses.

Skirts for hourglass shaped body

Pencil and tulip skirts that are ideal for the hourglass as they accentuate and lift their curves. However, a little flare doesn’t hurt but make sure your A-line and pencil skirts end around the knee. And tug your top in to highlight your narrow waist.

Wear Waist defined clothes

You already have amazing curves, so pick up cute tops, blazers, dresses and jackets that are already waist defined. It would help you accentuate your waistline.

Avoid detailing and embellishments

When you have an hourglass wearing clothes that have embellishments and details is a must avoid. Don’t wear anything that has bows, ruffles, frills around your bust area. If you want you can wear it make sure that even out your lower portion with something. It is applicable even to bottom wear; one shouldn’t wear skirts and pants with details and embellished around the hips.

Anarkali and saree for hourglass shaped body

Having an hourglass is such a blessing even when it comes to ethnic wear. A person having with hourglass have wider options when it comes to sarees; no saree won’t look good on this body type. Just be careful in selecting the right colour.
With Anarkali choose something that long flowy with length ending in the ankle and floor touching length. Something that’s tight around the waist and flares starting from the waist.

Kurtis and Salwar kameez for hourglass shaped body

When it comes to Kurtis, choose flared short to medium length Kurti with churidar, leggings and Patiala. It will help highlight your curves. Flare Salwar kameez tight around the waist works fantastic for the hourglass. When you have an hourglass shape, you should dress to make sure that your body looks proportionate otherwise you might end up looking heavier on one end.

Traditional necklines for hourglass shaped body

Necklines are to be kept broad and deep. V-shaped, scoop or boat necks and sweetheart will work perfectly. Medium depth necklines should be preferred with little to no embellished around the neck. Avoid high neck and halter necks if you have a heavier chest.

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