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What To Wear And Look Best For Apple Shaped Body!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir April 26, 2017 0 comments

How does an apple shaped body look like?

Apple shaped body also know as O-shaped or round shaped women wider abdomen compared to her shoulder and hips. The middle part of the body looks round and wide and is almost similar to an apple shape, thus the name. You can have medium to large busts, wide or narrow shoulders and fleshy arms.

How to determine if you’re an apple shape?

To find out if you are an apple shaped, examine yourself in a full-size mirror in your undergarments. Keep your legs together and examine the area, if your abdominal area is wider than your shoulder and hips then you are an apple shaped. Apple shaped body normally has little to no waist definition.

What to wear if you’re an apple shaped

Everyone has different body shapes, some well-defined and some not as lucky. But what matter is that you should love your body shape and should know how to carry it. Irrespective of what your body shape is if you know how to pull off whatever you wear then be confident that you will look stunning. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to follow them; this article is just a guideline because at the end of the day you are your best critic. So, here is what to wear and look best for an apple shaped body. You might also like my previous post on what to wear and look best for the hourglass shaped body!

Undergarments for an apple shaped body

Wear well-fitted undergarments to create the perfect illusion of a more defined waistline. Undergarments are the key when it comes to enhancing your bust to maintain a definite body shape.

Wear embellished and details around neckline

Embellishments, embroideries, motifs, beads and laces not just look appealing, they also enrich the upper body and gives the much need diversion from the thick lower body. You can also try ruffles, pleats, lace, flared sleeves or butterfly sleeves.

Wear wrap dresses and tops

Wrap dresses and tops accentuate the waist and flatter the curves. It might create the illusion of having a waistline. Choose something that doesn’t tie around the waist.

Wear prints

Prints would make an apple shaped figure look slimmer as they are perfect for concealing. Go for packed prints that have less negative space.

Wear ruched top

Ruching is a sewing technique where the fabric is gathered to form pleats, ruffles and ripples. If you want to cover your stomach area, ruched tops will be the best choice, as the design technique is applied near the stomach area.

Necklines for an apple shaped body

V-necklines are best when it comes to drawing attention towards the upper body. Empire top and evening dresses cover your stomach while the V-neckline draw attention to your face. If you have an apple-shaped body try to avoid wearing clothes that have gather below the bust as it will add more weight to your stomach area.

Wear tunic


Clothes are not overly loose yet is comfortably loose enough to cover the stomach area is ideal for the apple shaped body. That’s why we suggest you wear tunics they are comfortable and will cover the unwanted stomach areas.

Skirts for an apple shaped body

Skirts like A-line skirt, pencil skirt, hi-lo and bias skirt look amazing on an apple shaped body. If you have beautiful legs, you can also go for just above knee and knee length skirts. Avoid wearing skirts that are too short as it will draw all the attention towards the waist and make you look bulky.

Wear belts

Adding belt on your narrowest point of your waist is the best way to show a proportionate balance between the upper and lower body. Also, wear the belt in low contrast with your clothes and with minor detailing as not to draw any attention to it.

Pants for an apple shaped body

Just like A-line dresses and flare skirts gives a balance to your body, flare and bell bottom pants Work out perfectly on your leg to give a proportionate look. Avoid wearing skinny pants as it will make you look bulky around the waist and skinny at the bottom. Instead, wear straight pants with a regular rise, try to avoid low or high rise.

Jackets cardigans and coats for an apple shaped body

Clothes that skim past your waist will always be ideal for an apple shaped body and the same a
Long jackets, cardigan and coats that skim past your waist will do wonders for you. Jackets can hide whatever you want to hide underneath. Best length is the ones that end at the top or middle of your hips. Wear jackets and cardigan unbuttoned to create slimming vertical lines.

Salwar Kameez and kurtis for an apple shaped body

Salwar kameez and A-line kurtis or with flares paired with churidar or leggings are ideal for the apple shape as these clothing accentuate slim legs. If you want to divert attention from the big hip, drape a dupatta on one side.

Anarkali for an apple shaped body

Anarkali with full hemline and flares will work wonders for the apple shaped body. Also, wear Anarkali’s that has embellishment and embroidery around the neckline and shoulders.

Traditional necklines for an apple shaped body

V-neck, sweetheart and scoop necks are the most preferred when it comes to the apple shaped body. These wide necklines draw attention to the upper part of the body and face, distraction attention from the big hip.

Accessories for an apple shaped body

Accessorise your outfit to make your face, neck and shoulders the centre of attention. Wear statement earring, neck pieces and scarfs to add that bling to your outfit.

Are you one of the apple shaped body? Let us know in the comments below, how do you style yourself or you have some life saviour hack for your body type!

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