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How To Find the Perfect Sunglass For Your Face Type

posted by Nipun Taneja June 9, 2016 0 comments

Every time we’re out in the harsh sun, the old and faithful pair of sunglasses comes to the rescue. We’ve seen them literally everywhere – from runways to magazine covers and from the streets to even the metros. While we’re not sure if the metro train is a good place to put them on or not, we are quite sure about the struggle of finding the right pair to own.
If you are shopping for sunglasses online, then chances are that you might be struggling with finding the right shape, size and colour for your face. It’s not that easy, right? To make it a little bit easier for you, we have come up with our ultimate guide to men’s sunglasses, for you to find the perfect sunglass for your face type – so let’s get started.

Identify Your Face Shape

Before browsing any website or fiddling in a shop, identify your face shape. Here’s how you can do it:
First, Take a hand mirror and an erasable marker.
Second, Pull all your hair to the back and hold the mirror straight.
Third, Outline your face in the mirror with the marker.
And finally, Identify which shape from the following does it resembles the most.

Face Shapes

Type of face shapes.

Now that you know the shape of your face, let’s get to know the basic types of sunglasses and then which one will work out for your face shape.

DIfferent styles

Different styles of sunglasses.

Round Face

If you’ve got a round face then a pair of wayfarer sunglasses can be your best friends. Avoid a shape that’s similar to the shape of your face. Stay clear of the 90’s round frames and look for something that’s more edgy and less curvy. Wayfarers and square frames will balance the roundness of your face and give it a bit of angle so that it looks balanced.

Square or Oblong Face

You’re lucky to have that big forehead and a killer jawline. Look for sunglasses that have a rounded structure, those 50s round glasses, and Aviators in cool colours are meant to be flaunted by you. Refrain from wearing wayfarers and square frames.

Oval Face

You’ve got the shape everyone wished for, literally anything can work for this face shape as long as it’s not too huge or too small for your face. Experiment with the style of your sunglasses but make sure it’s in the right size.

Men's sunglasses

Which for whom!

Diamond Face

If the mirror indicates that you have a diamond face then you are blessed with cheekbones to die for. Balance the angles of your face with more oval and rimless framed sunglasses. Aviators can also work out for you but make sure the glasses don’t cover your cheeks.

Triangle Face

If your forehead is wider than your chin then you have a triangular face. To balance it, opt for rectangular shaped sunglasses, some Wayfarers can also work well for you. Select something with smaller lenses if your features are small but, if you have prominent features then go for wider and bigger lenses to make a statement.

Now that you have this useful guide, stop for nothing and shop for sunglasses like a pro.

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