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Uber Cool Summer Colours to Flaunt This Season!

posted by Nikhil Chowdhary June 8, 2016 0 comments
cool summer colours

It’s that time of the year again! Summer is here and it’s time to bring back those light and bright colours that have been collecting dust in your closet. We understand that it’s a task to pick out the right colours that compliment your style season after season. And with the soaring temperatures, we’ve decided to help make this season a little easier on you. Come explore some of the most popular colours to show off this season.

Lemon yellow
Step out and beat the heat with a light yellow colours that give the sun a fight for its money. A dress that not only keeps you at par with the season’s trends, but actually makes your day a lot more comfortable.

summer colors - yellow dress

Beige trousers

Indulge in a pair of beige trousers that highlight your summer spirit. Not only are these trousers a visual treat, but they actually keep up with the summer styles and are a lot more cooler than same old dull shades.

summer colors - beige trousers
Summer seems incomplete without a coral shade. Thinking of coral, we instantly remember a sense of subtlety and simplicity. Keeping that in mind, we strongly suggest you get your hands on a shade of coral and make sure it stays in your wardrobe.

summer colours coral top

Blue shorts/shirts
Come on all you guys out there! Summer time is all about wearing all those cool shades you can only wear once a year. Invest in a nice baby blue shirt or shorts that will completely transform any look you need to pull off this season. Make sure it’s not dark blue!

summer colors blue shorts

Neon everything

We’ve been saving the best for the last. Neon shades are really making a statement this summer. These lively colours will definitely make you stand out and leave an impression. And if you’re not ready to experiment with bright shades on your clothes, you can always grab an accessory and give it a shot.

summer colors neon accessories


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