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Top tips for Monsoon Skin-Care

posted by Kavesh Khanna July 3, 2016 0 comments
Monsoon Skin Care

So, it has started pouring and we finally got relieved from the scorching heat of sun. Monsoon is an amazing weather, it brings along some really happy romantic moments, the craving for “Pakodas” and infections. Yeah! I know it is a bit scary, but skin infections and rain go hand in hand. So to break the never ending bond of skin infection and monsoon, we have brought to you, some really handy and useful tips for a stress-free skin care regime. Skin Care in monsoon was never that easy.

Monsoon usually results in a lower immunity level, which means that you are prone to a lot of stomach diseases, infections and definitely skin issues. You love your skin and you obviously do not want rashes, eczema, prickly heat and the worst in the list, the pimples. To ensure that your skin is not prone to any of these you definitely have to pay more attention and revisit your current skin care regime. So here are a few tips you can follow and have a flawless monsoon skin.


Every skin care routine should have this quintessential step, and monsoon is no different. Due to the moist, humid atmosphere your skin tends to grab more filth and dirt. Thus, you have plenty of dead skin and locked pores, oh jeez! Worry not, just clean your face 2 to 3 times with cold water and an anti-bacterial face wash and tell those bad germs ‘who’s the boss’. Use a soap free face wash because simply cleaning the skin wouldn’t help, you need to retain some moisture. Also, make sure to use a good scrub twice a week to get rid of the dead skin.

Cleansing in monsoon


Well, this is one step everyone skips and think that they have mastered the art of skin care. Toning is very important for your skin. Technically it is the second step for a deeper cleaning and rejuvenation of your skin. Use an alcohol-free toner so that it does not over dry your skin. Toning helps in increased blood circulation of skin and it also makes your skin glow. Use natural toners like rose water and glycerin for a super healthy looking skin.

Toning in Monsoon


Okay! Wait, before you jump up to the conclusion and perceive me as a fool because we all know that monsoons are damp and humid and moisturizing your skin doesn’t make sense. Right? Hell no! You need to keep your skin hydrated because humidity means more sweat and your skin will eventually be dry. So use a light moisturizer go for home remedies and achieve a supple, soft and voila skin, even when it is raining outside.

Moisturizing in monsoon

Light and waterproof

Well, we are practical thinkers and we know that no make-up is simply not possible. So we suggest you, to go for lighter and waterproof alternatives for monsoon makeup. Avoid heavy cream makeups at any cost.
Makeup for monsoon


Fit inside glowing outside

We have given you some amazing tips and tricks that you can use and flaunt a flawless skin, but if you are not fit inside, no matter how hard you try, you end up looking dull and lifeless. So exercise regularly in monsoon and drink lots of water, avoid street food (Pakodas are good but not diarrhea). Eat a lot of veggies and trust us you will look youthful and charming and in bonus, you get a glowing skin. Oh, my-my!

fit in monsoon

So, these are the few tips you should follow and have a stress-free, fun-filled monsoon. What are you waiting for?

Go splash some water

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