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Top 6 monsoon essentials for you

posted by Kavesh Khanna July 21, 2016 0 comments

Finally, it’s raining and the climate is really pleasant, you feel really amazing; but wait aren’t you being unfair to your wardrobe? Yeah, by wearing the same summer clothes. See, I know you guys are fashionistas now and you how to keep it stylish in summer and even fall and winters. But as the monsoon is approaching you need to step up your style and get your closet ready for Rains.

Rainy season is the most underrated in terms of fashion, but you can experiment and have a lot of fun with amazing outfits and superb accessories. So without any further ado, I would like to tell you the essentials you definitely need to have this Monsoon.

A l’il flip a l’il flop.

The perfect hands down footwear for monsoon or rainy season is indeed a sweet pair of flip flops. They will keep your feet dry and you will be easily ditching those pits and muds. A good pair of flip-flops make you look cool casual and super suave.

Flip flops

Playful in rain

Short and sweet

Well, we know you love you super sexy denim, but you gotta save them from getting wet and catching mud. One bottom wear you can wear and stay care free is a stylish pair of shorts, weather you are a stylish dude or fashion frenzy diva. These will keep you cool in summers and they will be super stylish in rains. Isn’t that a cherry on cake?

Boot up

We know you cannot wear those stylish flip-flops everywhere. At times you need to dress up and for those times invest in a pair of waterproof boots and flaunt your shoe quotient.

boots for monsoon menboots for monsoon


“Trench” your fashion thirst

Rain coats are protective but certainly not super stylish. So, a showerproof trench coat is something you should definitely look forward to. It looks amazing and it protects you from getting wet.

Keep it dressy and dry

Keep it dressy and dry

“Watch” out

Who said you cannot accessorize in the monsoon? Get a sturdy waterproof Watch and pair it with all your outfits. It is understated yet a sweet watch can be a good conversation starter.

watch for monsoon watches for monsoon women


Umbrella ela ela

Ladies and Gents, you know what looks super amazing and super stylish and keeps you dry in monsoon? An umbrella that is unique, stylish and cool.
So, trend-friends I hope now you know what it takes to be the hot talk of the town in Monsoon. Get all these and be prepared for the drizzling delights.

umbrella for monsoon

Happy rains!

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