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Cool & Unique Diwali Gift ideas for Close Family & Friends

posted by Nikhil Chowdhary October 16, 2016 0 comments
Unusual & Cool Diwali Gifts for Family

We all know that Diwali time is the biggest gifting time of the year. And while we get everyone gifts during this season, our close family surely deserves something unique and special that had some level of thought attached to it. So this year I decided to go all out on gifts for my family. Check out these awesome gifts I got for them!

Brass tea set

This floral brass tea set is just so lovely to look at that I couldn’t help but get this for my mom. I’m pretty sure she’ll be impressed with it and she’s definitely going to use it for all her High Tea events.


Sunshine wine holder set

This ladder themed sunshine wine holder set is quite an impressive and unique concept I’ve come across yet. I thought of getting my sister this one because she’s a through and through wine fan.


Whiskey bar set

While browsing, I stumbled upon this classy whiskey set that just seemed like the ideal gift for my dad. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it and use it on special occasions. It’s portable so it makes for a very attractive proposition.


Book set drawers

My grandparents love reading. They’ve accumulated a number of books in the years gone by that they’ve read over and over again. Keeping this in mind I got them this really cool book drawer storage unit that really stands out. It can also make for a secret storage in the midst of their book collection.


Family photo frame

I just decided to get this lovely family photo frame for my home. I think it makes for the perfect Diwali home décor gift and shows our most cherished moments together as a family.


I hope you liked these Diwali gifts I picked out for my family this year. Do tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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