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The Design Junction: A Satirical Representation Of Life

posted by Imtimenla Jamir February 6, 2017 0 comments

Art and design can be the modern sceptre for the saint, the lunatic and everything in-between. Of outstanding quirky designs combined with witty representations of life, a brand that encircles around all of it and gives more than that. That’s something to acquaint you to Kraftly’s seller of the week-The Design Junction, the creation of a group of serial entrepreneurs who not just designs but loves every ounce of it. And that pulled all the dynamic entrepreneurs to design together under a common ground. It was in the year 2015 that they started out, initially as a small business trying to fit into a market of countless possibilities and an equal amount of failed stories. And after 2 years of uncertainties and unrelenting passion and hard work, they’re trying to expand their horizons and deliver edgy, built-to-last products that are unlike anything you’ve seen in the market.
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Design Junction, just like the name suggests, believes in the powerful integration of unique and significant designs and right to its principles it has been delivering products that are nonchalant and uses its products as a satirical medium of real life instances. They have products across electronics, stationery, men’s accessories, and kitchenware categories. They ensure all your everyday accessories has that appeal of awesomeness, after all, you need to fight to stand out in the crowd every day! One glance at their collection and you might understand what I’m talking about. From cool notebooks to sleek superhero mobile covers to sarcastic mugs to some serious leather wallets for men, they have it covered.

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When asked about why they chose to sell online, they said,”Today’s generations, particularly youngsters like to shop from online without going outside. They want all their favorite things at their fingertips. Then, we thought why not club all the Funny, inspirational, funky, and quirky products together under a brand with just a click away”.

seller story

Design Junction discovered Kraftly through Social Media and since then both the parties have been giving perfect balance to each other, as Design Junction focuses on the quality and creativity of their product while Kraftly takes care of the rest. That’s why they have shared their experience as outstanding when asked about their association with Kraftly. And like they believe in having a unique identity, something that would define them and their brand, they have advised everyone to strive for such excellence, daring everyone to be different and unique

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