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Summer Kurtis in Breathable Fabric You Should Be Wearing this HOT Season!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir April 20, 2017 0 comments

Are you ready for the summer heat? Are your summer kurtis ready too? I know we all long for those warmer days, but summer isn’t that scary. Well, with the right diet, exercise, and clothes, it will get much tolerable. And by clothes, I mean fabric. Summer clothing is all about the fabric.Choosing the right material can make all the difference.

Summer haven’t touched the ground yet, and the heat is unbearable already. I can image the temperature in the coming months. So make sure you’re all ready for it, especially your wardrobe. You should have all the light weighted cool fabric because if you don’t, I don’t think you can get through summer. When you go shopping, look for material that’s not only cool and breathable but comfortable as well. And if you’re in India, you ought to be extra careful in your fabric selection. You don’t want to wear uncomfortable, greasy kurtis right? If you’re confused which fabric to choose from, we’re here with summer kurtis in breathable fabric you should be wearing this hot season!

Cotton Kurtis

Cotton and kurti go hand in hand, giving you one of the most breathable, lighted weighted clothing since ages. Cotton plays an indispensable role to get you comfortably through summer, especially if you’re in India. Cotton Kurtis are not just easy to clean and carry, but it is highly durable and soaks in precipitation easily.
Wear it when it’s Humid and dry heat. Buy multiple Kurtis in various colour, prints and design and wear it daily, for college and work as it will keep you flexible throughout the day.

Linen Kurtis

Linen is equally comfortable and relaxed as cotton; both made perfectly for summer wear. Linen Kurti is light and keeps moisture away from the body. Though the fabric might get wrinkled quickly, it is no excuse for not loving this flax plant extracted material, and you can always spray water on your linen kurtis and straighten those wrinkles with your hands. Style your way in soothing and subtle coloured linen Kurtis this summer. There is practically no season, place or occasion that you can’t wear linen.

Silk Kurtis

Considered as a luxury, silk is all about breezy, fresh and soft to touch. Silk is not limited to summer wear alone; it is widely sought after during winters as well. Wear your colourful silk kurtis with ease as you are bound to stay relaxed and sweat free in that kurti.
Silks stay cool during warmer season and warm during the colder season. Think about wearing it to that summer weddings and parties.

Rayon Kurtis

Though not a natural fibre, nylon is still lightweight and delicate made of thinner thread than cotton. It has a glossy look to it, adding to its beauty and giving a soft, slimy touch. No wonder rayon kurtis are so light and comfortable and comes in beautiful prints. But your rayon Kurti might not absorb moisture as linen and cotton. Wear bright colours to divert heat.
Rayon Kurtis is ideal for the humid heat and hot climate. No wonder Indian women love rayon.

Chambray Kurtis

Chambray is cotton with a higher thread count that makes it more durable and breathable. Chambray has the look of a denim and feel of the light weighted, comfortable cotton. Wear your chambray Kurtis with smart bottoms giving the appearance of denim without getting greasy and weighted down.
Since it’s cotton, it will keep you comfortable in humidity and dry heat. It is also suitable for colder days.

khadi Kurtis

Woven from cotton and may also include silk. Much like silk, khadi keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winters. Khadi not just come in earthy colours but they are soothing to put on. BE summer ready with your khadi kurti collection.

Light jersey kurtis

Jersey’s with a minimum content of Lycra are less stretch, light weighted and durable. Jersey dresses are fabulous for summer heat, so why not a jersey kurti. They soak in moisture and are comfortable in every way. From hot summer days to winters you can wear jerseys.

Lawn cloth Kurtis

Made of linen and cotton, lawn fabric is known for its sheerness and soft feel. These factors make it one of the easy maintenance and airy fabric to wear during extreme heat. Lawn fabric is incredibly breezy and soothing. Dye your lawn kurtis in different summer colours.

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