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Stoned Accessories-Fashion and Passion!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir April 3, 2017 0 comments

Intricate designs, excellent craftsmanship and sharp fashion with exciting colours, that’s what stroke me when I first scrolled through the Stoned Accessories shop on Kraftly. Kraftly’s seller of the week- 23-year-old Sameeksha Khanna is a business administration graduate from Amity University. Like most of the confused youths, after her graduation, Sameeksha had no idea what to do with her life. We all yearn for that one calling in life, aren’t we? Some get it at a tender age and some have to wait till they age, but it does knock your door! And she wasn’t different either. In that mists of confusion, Sameeksha decided to try her luck at the corporate sector and took up a job. But she was quickly dishearted and realised that nine to five wasn’t her thing, as she recalls not being appreciated for any of the efforts and hard work invested towards her work. This hit her hard and made her think about entrepreneurship. That was the first time she has thought about doing something on her own, given that she puts immense time and effort to build someone else’s empire. That was the turning point for Sameeksha and her Stoned Accessories, that realisation was enough to let her quit her job.
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Being a fashionista has its perks, you tend to become more creative and you get appreciated for it. Who doesn’t love fashion anyway! As a final stroke of her zeal towards fashion,’Stoned Accessories’ was created. Initially, it started out as a playful hobby to do something she loves, but later when she started getting a positive response from a lot of people, she decided to take it forward seriously. So, by 2014 Stoned Accessories became a full-fledged dream project and a source of income for Sameeksha.

Their signature product being the collars which are crafted to follow all trend and are easy to carry. Yet another example of great craftsmanship by Indian artisans. Stoned Accessories have chic pendants and equally adorable earrings. My favourite being the cat pendant(no I’m not a cat person) but exceptions are always there right. I loved the intricate designs and how each piece is different from the other and the colour combination is almost perfect. Colour combinations play a vital role when it comes to fashion and art, so bonus points to Stones Accessories for the colours.

Stoned Accessories doesn’t restrict itself by gathering to certain segments of the crowd, in fact, they believe in gathering to all age group. While talking about the success of Stone Accessories, Sameeksha mentions how big a role social media had played in giving her that push towards generating the desired orders, for publicity and connecting to its customers. She shares that 70% of its business is derived from Social Media platforms. They also participate in exhibitions around the country by putting up stalls and showcasing their diverse products. Sameeksha found Kraftly on Social Media(I’m not surprised) and has then collaborated with Kraftly. She is quite satisfied at how Stoned Accessories had grown since the collaboration, in regard to visibility and generating orders and logistics. And encourages other Entrepreneurs like her to venture into different platforms like Kraftly in order to gain that visibility and popularity.

Now, Sameeksha and her Stone Accessories team are trying their hands to accessorise chokers, bags, headbands etc. Who also dreams of creating a niche brand within India and become a leading brand in the fashion export industry. We wish Stoned Accessories all the success and hope that they continue to scale greater heights as a brand and as a women entrepreneur in setting examples.

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