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Khwaab -Redefining Indian Handicrafts

posted by Anupama Ravi November 11, 2016 0 comments
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Check out the inspiring story of Khwaab  started by 16  fellows who are redefining Indian handicrafts with their unique pouches and Folders.

Tell us something about the store owner – the brain behind the brand?

The journey of Khwaab started in the Mandawali community of Delhi with 4 ‘Teach for India’ fellows, 2 community trainers and 10 mothers coming from a low-income background. While on a community visit the founders who were Teach for India fellows saw one of their students running around in a beautiful peach dress. When they asked her mother where she bought it from she replied ‘ yeh maine banaya hai’ – I have made this. As they walked from home to home they realized that there lay huge potential behind those doors that wanted to break free. The mothers of the students they were teaching were financially dependent on their husbands which restricted the vision they had for their child. At the same time, there was great willingness to learn a skill and earn a living out of it. Soon the vision of Khwaab developed to empower community women to make them financially independent by imparting livelihood skills and encouraging them to save a part of their earnings for their child’s future education.


What is so unique about your store?

Khwaab believes in experimentation and mixing the traditional Indian and international art forms with the skill of tailoring to come up with a range of product that symbolizes ethnicity, culture and empowerment. Khwaab products are unique in their designs and modern in thought. You will find the fabric of ikkat and art of shibori integrated in mesmerizing ways.

What inspired you to come and start selling online?

The greatest inspiration to sell online was to reach out to a larger audience that is looking for products that we create and appreciate the effort, skill and love that goes into their creation.

How did you come to know about Kraftly?

We were selling our products via our Facebook page when we were approached by the Kraftly team.


How did you come up with the idea of creating your brand?

We thought of creating a brand when we realised that the skill of the women at Khwaab and the products they created symbolized hope, effort, empowerment and uniqueness. In order to reach out to people who saw our products in that light we decided to create a brand. So that every person who buys a Khwaab product knows what it stands for.

How was your experience with Kraftly?

The experience with Kraftly has just begun. It makes us realize that there is a huge potential to grow and is making us work towards that

How do you balance Kraftly with your professional and personal life?

Kraftly is a user-friendly platform which can easily be managed while at work.

Any learnings you want to share with other Kraftlypreneurs?

Keep is creative, trendy and simple. Reach out to the audience that really understands and appreciates your offering


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