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Theme Wedding- A Guide To That Perfect Red & White Dream

posted by Arushi Singh November 7, 2016 0 comments

So little time, so much to do, pretty much sums up all the wedding hoopla going on when you set sail on the boat of holy matrimony. A wedding is a celebration of love and harmony for the future couple and what defines its essence better than a red and white theme wedding? To be honest,we can get ourselves to pull away from this enchanting combination and if you are not so convinced about this wedding theme then leave it to us and hold on to your mortal hearts for we have a list of things that will just make you fall in love with this red and white theme.

Here’s our guide to that perfect red and white theme wedding, you’re just a step away now!

Lady in Red

While you steal the show with your ivory or red show-stopper,  get your bride’s maids coordinated in an elegant red dress. A perfect ensemble if you are planning a romantic beach wedding or if you simply plan to add a twist to your wedding with this new element.



Time For Red

It is time indeed, you have your theme picked out and all you have to do is flaunt it like a queen. Pair this timeless beauty with your dress for the cocktail night. A subtle splash of your theme in your outfit is a nice and classy way to let the world know it’s your time to shine.


Glitter toes

While normal brides stick to subtle colour shoes to pair with their dresses, it looks different and edgy when one goes for something bold and elegant like a pair of red and white ombre sequin heels. And why not! It’s a choice you can’t go wrong with, also it adds to the beauty of your ensemble.


A Red Drop

Want to keep your reception look simple and sophisticated with a hint of your wedding theme? Well, then these gorgeous statement earrings are all you need to complete your look! Go ahead and get your drop dead gorgeous look.


The Right Couple

Personalise your theme with this cute pair of Mr. Right & Mrs. Right signs. Give your seats quirky touch with these signs.


Flaming Red

Add these red pillar candles to your wedding decor and see the venue light with a subtle red glow. You can place these at the guest tables, highlighting the wedding theme in a subtle manner.


Red Hot

Bring out the bride humour with this cute photo booth board and add a quirky element to your wedding photo shoot. Everybody loves the bride but they sure adore a funny one.


Red Favour

It is great to have something to remember the wedding by and red and white theme looks perfect for little favour boxes with mini red velvet cupcakes in them! How about that! Cute favours for a cute theme wedding.


A Red Cord

Strike a style cord with your better half, while you strut about in your gorgeous red ombre heels or flaunt those drop earring, get your beau this quirky set of guitar cufflinks. These cufflinks are bound to add a funky touch to his tux and take his dapper quotient up a notch.


Red Set Go

Guitar cufflinks are not so much his style? Then get this striking set of bow tie and cuff links to add a touch of your theme to his ensemble without putting a damper on his look.


The essential thing while following a theme is you don’t want to overdo it or vice-versa. The trick is to use the colour in a subtle manner to attain that dreamlike wedding decor. What about now? In love with the red and white theme yet?

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