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What not to wear this summer? (Like Really)

posted by Kavesh Khanna June 3, 2016 0 comments
What not to wear

So if given a chance every man would like to receive amazing compliments from women. Hell yeah! Girls like guys who know how to dress but you know what they hate? Badly dressed dudes.

They absolutely make the eyes bleed (or maybe throw up little), we mean just look at someone foolishly breaking the style rules and ending up looking like a dorky decision. So here we are with some of the hideous fashion crimes men could do this summer.

Wearing sandals with white socks

Loafers, boat shoes, espadrilles, casual slip-on, hush! There are countless super dynamite looking options for summer but guess what you chose? Super nerdy sandals with amazingly ugly socks (not exaggerating). Please for holy Godfather’s sake do not wear them.


Shorts that are too long

Wearing a heavy corduroy pant in the summer is bad but you know what sin is? Wearing shorts that are too long. Longer than shorts shorter than a pant, duh! It clearly translates into UGLY


Deep v neck T-Shirt (someone please kill me)

You may be having the most amazing (not as amazing as Anil Kapoor’s) man bush on your proud chest but showing it with a super deep v-neck, we would go tell your mom!

Kill me


Boots (oh yeah)

You may be nailing the style game in winters with your sexy ass boots but if you wear them in the scorching heat you have screwed up your chances to get a date!


Floral print shirts (the ugly ones)

Wearing patterns is fashion forward but fugly patterns are subject to life risk, please reserve those big floral Hawaiian Shirts for Hawaii (if you can afford it) or goa, but if you are walking on the streets wearing those, you are unstylish.

What are you wearing

Please for humanity’s sake avoid these heinous fashion crimes.

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