How To Make The Best Use of Your Summer Vacations

posted by Nipun Taneja June 7, 2016 0 comments
Best Use of Summer Vacations

The sun is already getting on our nerves. With the scorching heat, we cannot even think of going out unless you actually want to “hang” out! So, what to do this summer which actually makes it fun and exciting? Well, we had discussed about catching up with new hobby – Gardening. Also, we have talked about Gardening hacks to make it more interesting. But, you are not one of kind who is not really a fan of soil and plants, then there is something more exciting and indoors, which we know you’ll love. So, here are the ideas of making the best use of your summer vacations. So, get, set started –

Hand-Painted Items

Whether it is shoes, laptop skins, scarves, t-shirts or coffee mugs, hand-painted items are always in demand and well-received by shoppers as they have an artist’s personal touch. Each and every item is unique on its own.

Handpainted Tee


Pottery items can be used practically or as a decorative depending on the item you’re curating. There are endless options of creating a quirky item from scratch, it’s all up to your creativity.

Unique Clothing

Shoppers love buying stuff they can’t find online, so here we have ideas for you to create some unique clothing and you can take it to the next level by selling it online from your home.

Crafty Denim Bows

Unique Knitted Stuff

If knitting is your forte then grab all your accessories and create something that’s not easily available both online and offline. As we’ve told you, unique stuff sells more, work in that direction.

Handmade Jewellery

Hand-made jewellery is always on the top of trend charts. If you’re into jewelry making then your hobby can earn you a good amount of money. Just keep the choice of customers in mind before you start making it.
Check out how you can make seashell jewellery at home in a few easy steps.

DIY Earrings


Photography is an art and a science, if you’ve mastered it then chances are that you’re already running a business in it. But, if you are not, then sell your amazing photos online and let people decorate their spaces with them.

Graphic Posters

This is a call for all the graphic designers, we have a side-business idea for you. Quirky posters are quite the rage these days so, if you have a mind to create some then you can sell those online in exchange for a reasonable amount.

Graphic Posters

Hand-Crafted Phone Cases

Phones cases are an extremely personal accessory and everyone has a different taste in them. It is one of the most searched items on search engines, so selling hand-crafted phone skins and cases will surely make you some money.

Organic Perfumes

Organic perfumes are easy to make and don’t require you to be a chemical engineer. So start experimenting now, who knows your signature scent might bring in the riches for you. We have you covered with these quick hacks, create your own scent.

Hand-Made Soaps

Everyone’s inclining towards chemical-free organic stuff these days and why not, it has so many benefits. Hand-made soaps have a simple chemistry and they look and feel absolutely beautiful.

Handmade Soap

Earn extra money out of these amazing activities, by selling them online and finance your next party/shopping yourself 😀

Do let us know how you find these ideas and share if you have one. Ciao!

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