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Make A Statement With These Beautiful Necklaces

posted by kraftly April 3, 2016 1 Comment
beautiful necklace

Necklaces have slowly taken up space in our wardrobes and why not, they make any outfit stand out if paired right. We love how this single piece of jewellery takes an outfit to another level and make us feel more confident about the overall look. Well, if you’re not into wearing statement necklaces then it’s high time that you come out of your shell. Here’s our list of the quintessential necklaces that will take you through this season.

A Pop Of Pink

This gorgeous, slightly bohemian Pink necklace here paired with any solid coloured outfit is a match made in heaven. It is versatile enough to be worn with shirts, dresses and even t-shirts and will add the right amount of colour to a look.

beautiful necklace 1Style Tip

Break the uniformity of a white shirt by wearing this necklace. If you’re bold enough, then colour your pout in this very shade of Pink for a perfect daytime look.

For The Beach Babe

Beach jewellery can sometimes be very complicated as one would wish for something that doesn’t get tarnished with the seawater and look beautiful at the same time. Put all your junk jewellery aside and opt for something like this, it goes well with the theme and looks pretty enough to be a perfect companion for your beach dresses.

beautiful necklace 2

Be The Trendsetter

Make your look dressier by pairing the simplest of your clothing with this over-the-top neckpiece. Put your creative side forward and don’t be afraid to wear this one with the most usual outfits to make them look as unusual as they could.

beautiful necklace 3
Style Tip

Long and heavy statement necklaces gel extremely well with button downs, striped and simple graphic tees. So if you already own one and don’t know how to style it then this is the way to go with them.

Mother of Pearl

A great way to add a yesteryear’s vibe to your look without overdoing it is by adding some vintage inspired jewellery. This will look striking with summery and bold prints and will make you stand out in the right manner.

beautiful necklace 4

Tropical Spikes

Geometric shapes and spikes are what you need to make your edgy personality shine through your outfit. Pairing something like this choker with your dresses to brighten them up, make sure you don’t wear similar colours as that of the necklace to get the look right.

beautiful necklace 5

So, which one is your favourite statement necklace to beat the summer heat? Let us know in the comments below and check out our necklace collection for more such amazing pieces.

1 Comment

Selena Benson July 13, 2016 at 4:07 pm

i love all of these. accessorize make such pretty things!


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