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Indian Bridesmaids Duties – Checklist!

posted by Tanvi Bajaj June 22, 2016 1 Comment

The most important person for a bride to be is not the groom in the days leading up to the wedding but the maid of honour. Whether it’s her best friend or her sister, there is no one else who is as relevant and necessary to keep a girl sane before her wedding! So all sisters and best friends, if you’re that person for a bride to be then it’s time to step up and bring¬†your A game because this is going to be a helluva ride! Here we have a small list of things that all bridesmaids need to do in order to make sure that the wedding is as stress-free as possible for your darling sister or best friend.

  • Assist the Bride to be in her Wedding Lehenga shopping.
    She might think she knows it all and knows exactly what she wants, but you know her inside out and you need to step in and help her choose between the gorgeous traditional reds and the stunning peach.
  • Help her pick out her lingerie & go with her wherever required for trousseau shopping, from Chandni Chowk to Sabyasachi, she needs you and your sane advice
  • Help her pick out the Wedding Card
    Yes yes I know this is the digital age and who cares about cards anymore, right? But whatever the case might be, a card, whether a traditional one or a new age save the date card, always leaves a lasting impression and you should help your bff pick one out.
  • Plan the Bachelorette Party/Trip
    Because what’s a wedding without a bachelorette party? She needs a night of craziness with her girls before she’s married and you should be the one to plan it and make it a night she never forgets (or remembers :P)
  • Help distribute cards to other friends
    She already has a lot on her hands, why not take this little piece off her plate and help her out?
  • Pick out songs for the dance performances and coordinate with all other friends and family members for the practices.
    From someone who got married recently, trust me this is the most annoying thing during a wedding. The constant calling and coordinating is enough to leave the most organised ones of us in tears, so please take the responsibility for this so she doesn’t turn into a bridezilla!
  • Honeymoon Planning and honeymoon outfit planning!
    Time to cash in on all those years of planning and shopping girl! Help her pick out a destination and the perfect outfit for each lunch, dinner and everything in between!
  • Go with her to the salon/MUA and make sure she doesn’t end up looking like a Christmas tree
    I cannot stress enough on how important this is! Most of the brides end up looking like a decked up tree because of the avalanche of foundation and concealer on their faces, please go with her and make sure she stays as natural as possible.
  • Get dressed well in advance to be there with her and for her
    She needs you, a few hours before the wedding, she needs her BFF to hold her hand and help her relax.
  • Keep her cell with you and track calls
    The day of the wedding and the rest of the functions, the last thing she needs is her phone and all those annoying calls. Keep her phone with you and screen her calls for her.
  • Pictures, pictures, pictures
    You know you posing and so does she, time to pucker up and click as many pictures as possible, you’re both looking gorgeous!
  • Backup – chocolates, vodka and the sorts
    You never know when they might come in handy, either you’ll be a basket case or she, might as keep some ammo within reach!
  • Don’t be passed out the nights before functions, she needs you to be sane
    Let’s leave this for the next event?
  • Make sure she eats and drinks water
    You don’t want her passing out of exhaustion now do you? Make sure she’s hydrated and is taking care of herself
  • Carry her ‘Emergency Bridal Kit’
    Check out the deets for this here.
  • If you have doubts about the groom, tell her! She might hate you for it but in the end,you’ll be doing her some good
  • Be patient! It’s highly likely that she’s going to be a basketcase in the months leading up to the wedding, and she’s going to be super annoying. Don’t lose patience and be there for her and listen to her.

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