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Dapper Journal: How to buy “The Perfect Suit”

posted by Kavesh Khanna July 4, 2016 0 comments

The biggest and when we say biggest, we mean huge, turn on for women is a well-dressed man. A man who knows what he is wearing, is the most desirable man. It is said that if a man is wearing a well-fitted, tailored suit, it works like magic. You impress people wherever you go, from funerals to weddings to board meetings. A well fitted suit is a hands down must-have in any man’s style arsenal but getting a tailored suit can drain your wallet.

So, we understand that every suit, available in the market is now WOW! You must know how to shop for a suit or you end up buying an ill fitted roomy or too tight suit. These type of suits are a nightmare and you must avoid them at any cost. Here are some simple tips and tricks, by which you can get that perfect suit of your life.

The Fabric

Very first thing that you should focus when buying a readymade suit. Is to find the right fabric, stay away from Rayon and synthetic fabrics, they don’t last well and looks really cheap. Go for a wool, linen or cotton suit fabric, as per the weather and your lifestyle.

Source | Kent Wang

Source | Kent Wang

Pay attention to the shoulders

All suit jackets can be adjusted as per your size, given you get the shoulders right. A jacket can be altered from anywhere, but if you goof up the shoulder, you end up having a bad fitting suit. So, the best way to find the perfect shoulder size you must remember, your natural shoulder line should be exactly the same as the jacket shoulders, an inch here or there. Your money is flushed.

Shoulder fit suit

Source|Effortless Gent

Sleeves; always a pet peeve

You know what is a difference between a good suit and a phenomenal suit? It the details and the first thing you can focus on, is sleeve length. You must be showing a little shirt cuff from your jacket sleeves. If the sleeves are too long, it looks a bit odd, if the length is too short the whole suit looks short. The best tip to buy the perfect sleeve length suit jacket is to wear a full sleeves shirt, while trying on the jacket. And remember, you can always get the sleeves altered.

Cuff of the jacket Suit

Source| Permanent style


Jacket length

Your jacket length decides the silhouette, so if you wanna maintain it, master the jacket length. A simple way to measure it is: you should be able to hold the end of your jacket with your palms without creasing or bunching it. Makes sense, right!

Source | Black Lapel

Source | Black Lapel

The quintessential cinch

A simple difference between a good suit and a great suit is the cinch. Your jacket must have a very small cinch, almost like a style hug. It shouldn’t be too and form an X, rather you must look like your chest is popping out a bit. This small detail is masculine, it’s sexy and it will surely be making you stand out of the crowd.

Source| Duck Soup style

Source| Duck Soup style


The pants

A perfect suit jacket can be ruined easily, by ill-fitting trousers. You must pay attention to the fit of the trouser, it should be well-fitted through the thighs and calves. There should be a single or half break in the pants. The seat shouldn’t have any wrinkle and the pockets must be aligned. Hush! A lot of efforts but trust me it will be worth it.

Suit Pants


So this is all the ‘gyan’ you must have to buy the perfect suit of your life. If you buy the right suit, it will last for years and will make you look amazing regardless of trends. Go now and suit up, Man!

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