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Holi Decoration Ideas For Home: Make Your Home Color Ready!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 9, 2017 0 comments

Unlike other festivals, Home decoration for Holi was never easy as one gets more colour indulged outdoors. But Holi is one of the best time to redecorate your home, remember it’s spring and you gotta decorate your home anyway. So why not take Holi as an excuse and get spring ready!

We often sit clueless when we talk about Holi decoration ideas for home, maybe because we are not used to it. But it’s 2017 and we need to change that! So, if you are on the lookout for some quirky and handy Holi decoration ideas for home then you are reading the right article. Let me help you decorate your home this Holi!

Replace your Sofa and cushions

You might love your cushion and sofa covers a lot but replace it for a change. Replace it with something bright and contrasting to add a joyous festive charm to you home.

Not so boring clock!

Wall clocks are no longer just a piece to show time. They play a vital role in shaping the outlook of your home. Make sure you put up the quirkiest wall clock there is!

Do something drastic to your wall

Painting your interiors can be good for the home but not as good to your bank balance. Instead of spending lavishly on painting we suggest putting this wall sticker. It will bring the desired change at peanuts price!

Light it with lanterns!

While you might spend the day playing with colour, we assume that you will need a quiet evening. For an evening with your loved ones decorate the outdoor with lanterns to set the perfect mood.

Drink it up in themed glasses

People get excited by the name of Holi itself, given that one can drink like a fish that day. Serve your guest in colourful printed shot glasses and see how they react to it.

Candle Rangoli?

We all love rangolis, especially when it comes out beautifully with all the colours. Why decorate only the outdoors with rangolis? Bring that charm inside by decorating your interior with Beautiful rangoli themed quilted candle.

Never too old for paper bunting!

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Paper bunting is not just children’s party decorative element. You can decorate the outdoor space of your home, like the balcony and lawn with paper bunting.

Lay some cool coasters

Coasters are easy to replace and play an important role when it comes to making your home visually appealing. Replace your coaster with something colourful and playful this Holi.

Play around aromatic flowers and candles

Lighten up your home ambience by decorating it with colourful flowers and aromatic candles. Aromatic flowers and candles may seem insignificant but it enhances the elegance of a home. Try it yourself!


Bring radiance to your home by putting up lamps. Although Holi is a day festival and generally the festive mood continues till the night. So, be prepared even as your near and dear ones visit you for dinner.

What are your decoration ideas that you follow religiously? Get your home Holi ready without many expenses but show it off lavishly! Let us know in the comment section which Holi decoration ideas are you picking up and share your ideas as well.

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