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Top hairstyles for women with long hair

posted by Kavesh Khanna June 26, 2016 0 comments

Your hair reflects your personality, short and cropped means you are adventurous and edgy. Long and luscious means you are charismatic and you have what it takes to be the best looking. So you have been growing your hair from quite a long time. Now they become unmanageable and you want to cut them short. Wait before you make up your mind let us tell you some of the most amazing hair styles for ladies with long hair. Using some simple techniques with your long hair, you can make a serious change in the way you look.
So here are some fantastic and easy hairstyles you can do, if you are in love with your long locks.

Front Layers

Do you know, how can you add interest to your otherwise dull long hair? Well it’s simple, by adding some texture to it. A little layer in the front and your hair will be flattering. You can position the layers as per your face shape and look like a million bucks.

hairstyle for long hair

Source | Allure

Easy Bedhead

Who knew messy, frizzy and unmanaged hair can be super trendy. In 2016 a lot of celebs are spotted rocking this amazing and adventurous hairstyle. It gives you a unique texture and a mind-blowing carefree yet stylish look, which is perfect for women with long hair.

hairstyle for long hair 2

Source | Marie Claire

Retro Updos

Well, if you have the length why not make the most of it? Your long hair can make you look like a perfectionist if you opt for these classic and timeless updos. Just learn a few easy updos and rock them whenever you wanna feel gorgeous.

Source | The right hairstyle

Source | The right hairstyle

Braid to perfection

Trendy and intricate braids are the thing, to feel in love with your bangs. With infinite possibilities, these braids get you an edge over others. To carry a braid with poise you need to be simplistic yet a bit adventurous with your braids and trust us, a braid can take you from wild to styled in seconds.

hairstyle for long hair 4

Source| All women stalk

So, stop worrying about the frizz and unmanageable long locks and create awesome hairstyles for an awe-inspiring persona.

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