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Fuschia: Delicately Handcrafted For Your Skin

posted by Imtimenla Jamir February 20, 2017 0 comments

There’s no denying the fact that we all spend a considerable amount of time grooming ourselves, maybe at the comfort of our homes or out lavishing money on ourselves. We do it not because we are obsessed with our physical appearance but maintaining and grooming gives that self-satisfaction and it has an essence of self-love. But do you think about the products you use to enhance your look and of the chemicals mixed with that product?


Well, Kraftly’s seller of the week Fuschia by Vkra realized it and they strived to do something about it. That’s how they came up with handcrafted chemical free beauty essentials, the brainchild of Dr. Mohit Bhatia. He being a qualified medical practitioner for years decided to create awareness through skincare products about the benefits of natural ingredients and the outcome of using chemical free products. But more than promoting their products, they were keen to awaken the people about the hazardous impact of chemical infused beauty products and that’s the reason why they came up with natural yet effective ingredients that best suited the skin.

I for one loves anything that handcrafted, so I got excited when I went through their wide range of skin care products at Kraftly and I wasn’t disappointed. From herbal handmade soaps, invigorating scrubs, bath salt, skin and lip care they have it all and the best part is they have it in delicious soothing fragrance. They have blueberry bath salts, lavender scrubs, and pomegranate lip balm. Now, who wouldn’t love it! It is not just the captivating scents and cute packaging but they have vouched for natural ingredients free from any chemicals, does not support testing their products on animals and everything is handcrafted.

Fuschia believes that digital is the best way forward as one can express freely even with a limited marketing budget. And on their search for a platform to sell their products online without lashing out a huge budget on marketing and logistics they heard about Kraftly. Ever since then they have been expressing their creative element through Kraftly and shares how helpful it had been as the App is user-friendly and has a mass reach.

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