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Top home decor items for Eid

posted by Kavesh Khanna July 6, 2016 0 comments

The wait is over, after a long period of fasting the holy Ramadan month has come to an end, with a spirit of brotherhood and harmony. It’s Eid and which means it’s the time for celebrations, get together and dinners. Your house will surely be full of your relatives and loved ones. Your home décor needs to be updated and trust us this is not a painful task. By strategically changing a few things you can make your home Eid ready.

The Elegant hi-tea!

Every celebration starts with a tea and tea time is the right time to flaunt your elite taste. An amazing tea set, inspired by the craftsmanship of Mughal era can surely be a conversation starter amongst your guests.

Tea set Eid

Hand painted blue tea set

The Royal treatment

Well, we know you have made some finger licking dishes on Eid. To make them more delicious and regal serve them in silver bowl and spoon. Your guests will go gaga about this “Khatirdari”

Royal bowl Eid

Silver bowl with spoon


For the love of art

An antique art piece can surely make your home classy. These can be a center piece or a unique and ancient art inspired the painting. Just dress up your wall with this Mughal legacy painting and you will be famous for your love of art.

Hand paintng Eid

Hand painted Mughal art

Serve in style

Imagine just by changing a serving tray you can make a difference and it can add another dimension of interest to your house. Choose this tray and coasters and you Eid party will be the newest talk in town.

Mughal tray eid

Mughal Art Tray

Eid brings a lot of happiness, joy and prosperity and your house should reflect of all of these. So, stop waiting because it’s time you pamper your home.

Also, if you are confused about what to wear this Eid? Here is our Eid lookbook, which will help you look like a million bucks


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